Virtual Dating Game – Inspiring Celina – Review

Inspiring Celina - A Virtual Dating Game

Review :

This is a new virtual dating game from SuperSy Games a new and promising player in the genre of realistic date experience games. There isn’t any sex with horny monsters or anime girls with pig tails in this game.

At the start you of this virtual dating game you are off to college and you need to pass Biology. You have to prepare a presentation that is worth 20% of your mark for the course. You are off to the Library where you meet the shy, smart and attractive Celina.

You have been partnered with Celina on the project. She is going to help you pass, but your challenge is to stay focused on the work rather than her. Compliment her without creeping her out and she will agree to go on a date with you.

(No Date? at least you pass Biology, nice but not ideal huh..)

Celina is still a bit shy so you take a low key approach to dating her. She appreciates honesty on a first date and doesn’t hurt to be a little romantic. Keep dating her, being honest and complimenting her without being avert, but remember you need to do well on that biology presentation.

After you give your biology presentation, Celina will invite you to her place to watch some anime movies. Be polite, compliment her when you get the chance. Eat, pasta sounds good huh? You maybe don’t like the Anime movie, but you can appreciate the view from the couch. Perhaps a bit of early affection and don’t forget the sweet goodbye…

The good news is that if you did well on your Biology assignment, you are heading for a very amorous time, if not sorry you may be headed for dumpsville.

She wants to see you again, which will it be ?

Have Fun ! and remember to look out for Achievements along the way.


Celina as a Virtual Dating Game  is good and well worth your time. The drawing and writing  is high quality.

At the time of playing this virtual dating game there were a few bugs in the programming and hopefully they will get fixed up as they are found. Overall, if you appreciate the more realistic type of games in the virtual dating genre this is one you will want to try out.

Play ‘Inspiring Celina’ @ SuperSy Games

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