An Afternoon with Hayden

An Afternoon with Hayden My life had become tedious over the last 3 months since the break down in the relationship with my wife. After years of arguments, constant bickering and an extended period where it just didn’t matter anymore I shouldn’t have been surprised when it did happen. The finality of it actually coming … [ Read More ]

Kim: The Cheating Wife

Kim: The Cheating Wife Review: Ah Kim, it seems that she likes being a slut. Yep, this is a slutty wife game. Kim is married to Carl, a blissfully unaware husband whose main function in life seems to be having enough friends to introduce to his buxom wife – so she can shag them behind his back. … [ Read More ]

Coffee for Keisha

Coffee for Keisha Review : This game is a spin-off from the very popular ‘Keeley’ series. Keisha first appears in the original Virtual Date with Keeley game and subsequently in Life with Keeley. If you are in a hurry and need some quick Keisha you can also find her in the ‘Daydreaming with Keeley‘ mini game. There … [ Read More ]

Art with Carla – Interactive Adult Dating Game

Review : Art with Carla is a new offering from the guy who brought us ‘A Night with Sara.’ This is a much longer (some may say too long)  erotic story about an 18-year-old boy and his encounter with a 24-year-old home schooling teacher named ‘Carla.’ You can actually set the options for names to anything … [ Read More ]

A Night With Sara – Adult Dating Game

Review : A Night with Sara is an offering from a new player in online virtual sex games calling themselves ‘Chapters in Love’. Without underestimating the amount of work that goes into producing a virtual sex game, it shows that this is a first attempt. The graphics, artwork and game play are basic. The concept … [ Read More ]

LifeSelector – Interactive Video Porn Games – Review

Review : LifeSelector is a site containing interactive video porn games. Basically the format puts you in the erotic story in the first person. (i.e you are point of view to the action) You can select what actions you want to take, and sometimes this leads to good outcomes, and sometimes bad. (Most times there … [ Read More ]

Sex Date with Paula

  Review : Are you ready for your date with Paula? If you like first person shooters you are going to like this game. The graphics are good and the design of the story and its implementation are ok. The dialogue is simple but goes ok with the story. Playing the game is a bit … [ Read More ]

Virtual Date ArianeB – Something’s in the Air

Review : For those of you reasonable familiar with the virtual date genre ArianeB will not be a new name. The original ArianeB was a bit of a revelation in this genre. ‘Somethings in the Air’ is what the author/creator Ariane Barnes describes a ‘visual novel’ in the style of the Japanese adult stories but … [ Read More ]

70 Minutes of Pleasure – An Erotic Story

An Erotic Story by Pandora Box Muscles tender with pain, I stagger towards the studio. Gently, I peel off my clothes and place them in the basket. I climb onto the table, covered only by a towel. A young Asian girl enters the cubicle. With appropriate modesty, she folds back the towel to expose my … [ Read More ]


‘Okay,’ he says. “I win.” And he fans out the five cards, face up, on the carpet for her to see. She sees the row of tiny red hearts. Her own heart starts thumping. She looks at Stuart. His eyes have a dreamy, warm look. He smiles at her. She lays her own cards out … [ Read More ]