Looking for Love


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An Adult Dating Game by Lesson of Passion

In this game you play as Luke the guy who moves to a new city with his girlfriend Maya. Unfortunately Maya dumps you for another guy and you are left in a new city all alone.

You have 50 days to get your life back on track by building your career, making some money, getting some culture, getting fit and getting some style. If you are successful you will find some love with either Tina or Hanna…or maybe both you naughty scoundrel.

Some Tips for Success:

Your first objective should be to buy the things for your house that make the game easier. i.e: air conditioner extends the time in the day from 80 to 100 minutes, the fish adds extra relaxation which gives you more time to get things done

Try to get money together by about Day 25 before you date Tina or Hanna

If you have spare time left in the first 25 days (20 minutes) use try to use it on cleaning the tables in the Restaurant, you need to do this 5 times before you can date Tina, or Painting Hanna’s portrait in the Park.

When you date the girls, watch out for penalty points for going too fast..

If you nee more help here is a more thorough Walkthrough for Looking of Love.

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