Stuck In the Elevator

An Erotic Story by Sue Shi

She had me on my back and was slowly starting to work her tongue up my thigh and I could feel her warm breath beginning to warm my dick. She started at the base and slowly licked up the shaft and was just about to take the head of my dick in her mouth when I heard it. Slowly the image of a beautiful young girl slipped from my mind as it realized what was happening. My alarm was going off. I desperately wanted to fight my way back to sleep in anticipation of my dream girl re-appearing and finishing take my hard dick in her mouth, but I had to get up.

It was Monday and I had a test in my photonics class at 8:00 the clock read 7:30. My mind was functioning now on the day ahead but it was obvious my dick still had his mind on the dream and I couldn’t blame it. As I woke I went into the bathroom and passed by the mirror, my dick was standing at full attention and I had the strongest urge to just jerk off while thinking of the girl I saw in my dream but I knew I couldn’t be late for class. It had to wait. I got my books and took one last look over my notes and headed to the car. I listened to Howard Stern on the way to school which is only a short 15 minute drive and on the show he had a girl describing a girl on girl encounter she had, slowly I felt my dick start to grow inside my pants and knew it was going to be another long horny day with nothing else on my mind.

I walked from my car into the building and went towards the elevator, I usually take the stairs but today my class was on the 6th floor and I wasn’t really up for it. I pushed the button and looked up at the floors slowly lit up 4, 3, 2, then 1, “bing”, the doors slowly opened. I got on and was about to hit the door close button when I heard a voice.

“Hold the door please,” a female voice said.

I reached out and hit the open door button as the door reached almost two-thirds of the way closed. Then she entered, she was stunning. The girl who came on the elevator was about 5’4 with curly brown hair and a nice little body. She had average size tits but what caught my eye was that she was wearing those low cut jeans that showed off about 2 inches of a sexy tan stomach.

“Thank you.” she said.

I just looked at her and nodded with a slight smile. “What Floor?” I asked.

She replied and I hit the 5th floor sign and it lit. I wished the ride was about 50 floors instead of 5, just so I could gaze at her for more then a few minutes. Then the elevator jerked a little and I looked over at her and said jokingly.

“Maybe we would be better off getting off on the second and taking our chances with the stairs.”

“These things are so old and scary.” she replied with a laugh.

Then it happened right after we passed the 3rd floor. A strong jerk and we both stumbled to catch our balance her ass was trusted into my crouch as I put my hands on her shoulder to keep her from falling. I love elevators I thought to myself, and then the lights went off for a second being replaced by dim lights that lit from the ceiling of the elevator. Then complete silence. All that was running through my head was the tower of terror ride and I thought any moment we would fall 4 floors to what wouldn’t be a fun landing. Then nothing happened, just silence.

“You ok?”

“I’m fine,” she replied.

That’s for sure I thought to myself. Then I saw the emergency phone next to the floor buttons and picked it up. I could hear a faint ringing and then the ruffling sound of someone picking it up

“Hello,” the voice said over the headset. “We can see the malfunction on our control board, just sit still we are working on the fixing the problem. I will call the emergency phone back in a few minutes with an update. I can assure you that you are not in harms way just try to relax and we will get you out ASAP.”

Ok, thanks.” I responded. I looked at her and could see the fear in her green eyes. “The guy said the food is on the way, the driver just left and should be here within minutes.”

She immediately smiled and laughed, the stupid joke worked it broke the tension and eased her concerns. I then repeated what I was told by the man on the phone, and I took a seat on the floor. We went on for about 5 minutes with the normal small talk when the emergency phone rang. I hopped up and answered it, listened, then hung up.

“Delivery guy?” She asked.

“Yeah he can’t find the place, its going to be a while. They said they will have this thing moving in under a Half hour.”

I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was incredibly beautiful, I figured I would never have a chance with her. I am a decent looking guy about 6’1 with a pretty muscular build after working a full summer as an ingound pool installer. But this chick was smoking hot.

“What?” She asked after looking up and noticing me looking at her.

“Nothing,” I replied. “Its just I’m glad if I am stuck in a elevator its with someone as beautiful as you so at least I have something to take my mind of this fucked up situation.”

“Thank you,” she said. “And I guess you will have to do for the time sake till I can pick someone else up on the 4th floor.”

I smiled at her comment I love when a girl can make me laugh. “Yeah it’s pretty much every guy’s fantasy to be in this situation, and usually it turns out good.”

“What am I suppose to rip my clothes off and fuck you, or is a blow job in order?” She said as she moved slowly from the opposite end of the elevator and moved closer towards me.

“Well I did keep you from falling when the elevator jammed,” I said.

“I could have stayed up but felt jamming my ass into your crotch was more appropriate”

“I agree.”

I was still sitting and she continued her slow walk towards me. Then I put my hand on her ankles and slid them slowly up her shapely legs while rising to my own feet. I let my hand slide over her tight ass and squeezed it then proceeded to move up her waist, over the sides of the tits and finally stopping with my hands on the back of her head running my fingers through her hair. I leaned in until my lips touch hers. I gently kissed her and sucked her bottom lip as I pulled my head back. She opened her eyes and smiled. Then we felt it, the elevator began to move towards the ground floor and the doors opened. We were greeted by a few janitors and they apologized to us for the problem and made sure we were alright. I was better then when I walked onto the thing; I looked over at her and said.

“Well no point in going to class now, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to finish what we started” she said, then leaned in and whispered in my ear “All this excitement has made me so fucking horny.”

I could instantly feel my dick begin to get hard, I grabbed her by the waist of her pants and pulled her into me and kissed her passionately.

“And by the way this feels,” she said grabbing my growing dick, “You feel the same way.”

We decided to drive to my house seeing it was closer; the whole way there I told her what I was going to do to her. I was going to make sure I pleased this hottie so she left my house aching for more. We pulled into the driveway and instantly begin a half run into the house. I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like under those clothes. We walked into my room and I grabbed her and starting kissing her neck while at the same time using her body to close the door pinning her between it and me. I kissed both sides of her neck and licked along the side of the ear breathing into it and telling her how fucking hot she was making me and how I wanted to kiss and lick every part of her body. I squeezed her ass picking her up and moving her to the bed.

I laid her down and unzipped her tight pants while she ripped her shirt off. I threw the pants on the ground next to where her shirt landed and told her to roll over. The first glimpse of her ass almost made me instantly explode, it was tan and round, and extremely tight. I started kissing the back of her neck from behind then running my tongue gently from the spot just below her ear to where it connects with the edge of her shoulder. I then kissed and lick every inch of her back and ran my tongue down to the lower part of her back where the underwear began. I pulled them down just enough so I could flick my tongue back and fourth on the part of her body where the back and ass meet. This made her quiver I could tell she was enjoying it. I then rubbed my hand gently down the back of her legs and thighs stopping to kiss right behind her knees which I have found to be a very sensitive part of a women’s body. I unhooked her bra and turned her over to see the most perfectly set of tits I have ever seen. I laid a long slow kiss on her and told her to relax and make sure she let me know if I was doing the right things to please her. I spent a good 5 minutes kissing all around her tits making sure to wait an awhile and tease her before I got to the nipples. I then kissed all the way down that perfect stomach and ran my tongue over her now moist panties barely making contact with her now wet completely shaved pussy. I slid her panties off and just stared at her glistening hole that I just wanted to fill with my hard dick. I kissed her inner thighs and licked all around her pussy letting the anticipation build. I could’nt resist anymore I had to taste her.

I made one long stroke from the very bottom of her pussy until I almost reached her swollen clit. I licked all around it until she arched her back up and made me make contact. I gently licked and suck on it while at the same time slidding a finger in and out of her. I could hear her moaning in pleasure which made me even hornier. She began to shake and arch her back so I knew she was almost close to Cumming so I continued until she grabbed my head and said.

“I want your dick in me right now”

I didn’t even care about getting head like I was in my dream I just wanted to slide it slowly into her pussy. I ripped my clothes off and got on top of her and slid my dick into her tight pussy only about 3 inches then pulled it out repeating this motion eight or nine times then I slid it in the whole way slowly, making sure to listen to every moan coming out of her mouth. I fucked her starting slowly then getting faster and faster I leaned in and kissed her and whispered in her ear how good my dick felt inside her tight pussy.

“Oh my god! Fuck me harder she screamed, fuck my pussy baby!” She half screamed, half moaned.

I made sure every thrust I was making was a complete one so she could feel every inch of me inside her.

“Get on top of me and fuck the shit out of me!” I demanded.

She didn’t hesitate she hopped on me and began riding my dick rotating her hips so my dick was making constant contact with her clit, I grabbed her hand and sucked the fingers then moved it to her clit and she began rubbing it while riding me. The site of those perfectly sculptured tits bouncing was enough to almost make me cum on the spot.

“No one had ever fucked me like this,” I said.

She didn’t reply, she didn’t have to, I could tell by the way her flesh was changing color and by the way she was moaning that she was close to her second orgasm. Then her whole body shook and I could feel her muscles contract on my dick. I let her ride out the orgasm then told her,

“Suck my dick until you make me cum.”

She went down on me and sucked my dick while using her hand to rub the spot just behind my balls. I could feel the sensation start at my toes and work its way all the way up my body a feeling that I never experienced before. My toes cramped up and then I exploded letting a huge load of cum squirt into her mouth as I felt almost light headed as she sucked as much cum from my dick as possible. She then collapsed on me, both of our bodies soaked with sweat. Two people who just had totally fulfilling sex. I just sat there still in a daze of having which was the most intense orgasm of my life since back when I discovered what one was. Slowly our breathing became normal again and she looked up at me and smiled.

“By the way, my name is Cindy.”