A Night With Sara – Adult Dating Game

A Night with Sara - Virtual Sex Game

Review :

A Night with Sara is an offering from a new player in online virtual sex games calling themselves ‘Chapters in Love’.

Without underestimating the amount of work that goes into producing a virtual sex game, it shows that this is a first attempt. The graphics, artwork and game play are basic. The concept is good and the storyline, interaction between characters and dialogue are actually pretty good. The story is linear with only one successful outcome possible (unless you consider a good nights sleep a successful outcome I suppose) but if you follow the right path you will be rewarded with an intimate and titillating encounter with ‘Sara’ or whoever you choose to name the female character.

I like being able to set the names of the characters, it helps move the story into the first person which I guess is the whole aim of virtual sex. The option to Zoom in / Zoom out is also a nice feature that is useful in many scenes of the game.

From a purely story perspective, the shortness of the game probably takes away from the build up of sexual tension that would likely lead to this scenario playing out. But this is an individual scene from the whole story, and if like me you have had an experience or indeed some imagination to fill in some of the preluding story then I think you will enjoy it.

Footnote : One downside of this game is that the server it was on to play live can’t cope with the demand. This means you need to download the game, unzip it and play it on your own computer.

Verdict :

A Night with Sara is not the most awesome game, but worth giving it a try.

Play Now : Go to the Chapters in Love web site

Walkthrough :

1) Raise temp 10 degrees
2) Search room
3) How can be mad at you…
4) Doesn’t he realize what he has?
5) If you aren’t comfortable…
6) You seem worried
7) Do you know that…
8) ask if she minds…
9) tightening my abs…
10) `not much clothes`? …
11) open your eyes (if you want)
12) open you eyes (if you want)
13) they are very nice
14) actually, I see some better things…
15) change the subject…
16) it represents the union of two parts
17) look down (if you want)
18) that is because you are so tense.
19) would yo like me to show you some positions?
20) I promise I will try
21) uumm.. can I tell you something?
22) open your legs slightly (if you want)
23) don`t take this wrong…