In Full Bloom: Lily’s First Time

By Desideri Nascoti

Authors Note:  This is the last of the In Full Bloom Series.  Check out the first two stories, Daisy Gets Her Man and Rose Says Good-bye.

Friday night and Lily was at Alex’s apartment for their biology project.  Their bio project required that they experiment on mice behavior and recording its results which usually lasts around 2-3 hours per meeting.  But during the last three weeks, they would hang out hours after doing their bio report.  Lily realized that her usual shyness seemed to have disappeared when she was with Alex.

Although it is odd that they are only now becoming close as their families have known each other for a long time.  Both their fathers were business magnates and had partnered in a couple of business ventures. Growing up, they’d see each other in company Christmas parties arranged by Alex’s mom.  But being a shy kid, Lily would just read a book in the corners, hiding away from the other kids because they taunted and teased her of her braces and glasses.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize it’s almost 2AM.  I still have to get to Brown Oaks,” Lily exclaimed as she rushed to grab her things.  She had promised her Dad she’d go home for the weekend.  Loosing her mom from childbirth, she is very close to her Dad and because of him, she excelled in academics.

“Seriously?  It’s feels like it’s only be an hour,” Alex said looking at his wristwatch, not believing it was really that late.

“Well, I gotta go if I still want to catch a cab,” Lily said.

“No way, I’m not letting you take a 2-hour cab ride across town at this time.  Why don’t you sleep over tonight and I’ll have Giles give you a ride to you’re father’s place tomorrow morning,” Alex said.

“Wow, you still have Giles with you?” Lily said disbelievingly.

Alex laughed and said, “Yup, the old chauffer is still around, but I try to give him a break on nights when I don’t have plans.”

Alex knew that he could’ve have just driven her himself, but he didn’t want her to go yet.  He was enjoying her company too much.  He was surprised to discover that he liked hanging out with Lily.  He was worried at first that their lab time would be full of awkward silences as he knew her to be this mousy, painfully shy kid who would rather read books than play with the other kids.  But lately, he has been confiding in her more readily than he did in his friends.  She was down to earth, had a dark sense of humor, she was genuine and most of all, it was like she gets him.  He found himself looking forward to their meetings and felt some indescribable emotion that surfaces whenever she’s around him, something like possessiveness, or excitement…or even tenderness.  And underneath those dark-rimmed glasses, tight braided hair and baggy clothes, was a pretty girl.  When she laughs, she would almost have this ethereal beauty about her.

Lily knitted her brows and said, “I didn’t bring anything with me, I don’t have a toothbrush or nightgown…”

“Don’t worry about it, I can give you an extra toothbrush and I have some old t-shirts you can use.  You’re so tiny, they’ll be like nightgowns to you,” he smiled

Lily paused to think it over.

“What?! Don’t tell me you can’t stand my company even for a night,” he said in mock hurt.

She blushed and hurriedly said, “No.. no… it’s not that—“

‘I’m just kidding… Come on, stay for the night.  I have plenty of room for you.  I’ll sleep easy knowing you’re safe and both our dads would kill me if they knew I let you travel at this hour,” he said convincingly.

“Um.. okay… you’re right, I guess…” she finally conceded.

As Lily was changing in the bathroom, she thought about how weird it was that she’s spending the night at Alex’s.  Their families might be close, but she and Alex were really never friends.  However, ever since she was little, she had a huge crush on him and she always looked forward to the company Christmas parties so she could see him.  Now, by some stroke of fate, they became lab partners.  And not that she got to know him better, she realized that he was not only cute but he was actually a pretty decent guy.  He was charming, nice and caring.  Her childhood crush became so much more… she was beginning to really care for him. 

“Hey, you okay in there?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, I’m almost done,” Lily answered.

As she came out, Alex saw that his shirt went below her knees and thought to himself how tiny she really was.  He wished she took out her braid as he wanted to see her hair flowing on her shoulders.  But at least she took off her glasses and he saw that she had big round chocolate brown eyes.

“I was gonna make a sandwich, you want one?,” Alex asked.

“Sure,” Lily said.

They comfortably ate on the couch with the TV on.  But both of them were not really paying any attention to it as they enjoyed talking to each other more.  Alex was teasing Lily about never having a boyfriend and she teased back about his countless girlfriends.  Their teasing became a playful banter which then turned into a tickling match that had Alex on top of Lily trying to hold her down as she was giggled and tried to get away.   The playful atmosphere then turned sizzling when Alex bent down and kissed Lily.  Lost in the moment, she kissed him back.  The kiss caused a faint stirring of pleasure in her, it was intimate and exciting and she couldn’t prevent the small moan that rose in her throat.    She strained upward to his mouth and body, wanting to press herself as close as to him as possible while running her palm inside his shirt, over his broad chest and feeling the warmth of his body and the strong beat of his heart.  Their playful banter had now turned into a full on make out session.  With entangled limbs, hands madly fondling each other, Alex was cupping her tits underneath her enormous shirt.  Lily moaned again.  Alex suddenly pulled back and said, “We have to stop.”

“Wha? Why?” a confused Lily asked.

“We can’t go on…” Alex began, and grasped one of her small hands and made her touch his throbbing cock over his shorts and continued to say, “You know what you do to me?”

With her hand still on his crotch, she looked intently at him and pleaded, “I want this… please…”

He stared at her with his piercing blue eyes, he asked, “Are you sure about this?  There’s no turning back, you know…”

Wordlessly, she held his jaw lightly and pulled him towards her and kissed his lips.  He scooped her up and carried her to his room and her gently set her down in the middle of his big bed.  Her dark brown curly locks with light chestnut highlights tumbled past her shoulders as her french braid was now loosened.  It formed a halo around her face, making her look like an angel.  Alex threw her a crooked grin as he removed his shirt, revealing a muscular chest that seemed to span the width of the door.  His athletic body was large and formidable.  He then removed his shorts and boxers and his swollen cock sprang from a mat of blond curly pubes, much darker than the locks on his head.  An irresistible smile tugged at his mouth as he saw her face turn scarlet.

Climbing on top of the bed, he went closer to her.  Feeling somewhat emboldened, she reached out to touch his hard dick.  It was velvety smooth and warm to touch, soft yet hard.  Alex sucked in a quick breath as her fingers curved gently around the hard length of his cock.  Lily stroked the stiff rod hesitantly, having touched a dick for the first time in her life.  Alex closed his eyes, his breath quickening.  He grabbed her dainty wrist and grunted, “That’s enough, my little angel… or else we’ll finish before we can even begin.”

Lily looked at him quizzically.  Alex removed her shirt, revealing a voluptuous body that she has been concealing with baggy clothes.  Her glorious round breasts were lush and her pink nipples were hard from her arousal.  She had a tiny and flat waist above her curved generous hips, wearing only her white cotton panties.

Laying her down on the bed, his hand passed over her tits and her nipple hardened even more over his hand.   Fastening his mouth on a rosy nipple, he sucked and licked gently until she whimpered, her fingers tangling in his blond hair.  He cupped her breasts high in his hands and used his lips, his teeth and his tongue on them, she groaned and arched upward, pushing her nipple further into the his mouth.  He was gentle, taking his time and driving her mad with his kisses and caresses.

Looking down at her, his eyes sparkled with a devilish amusement as his hands traveled over her bare legs while trailing light kisses on her breasts, working his way downward.  His fingers were dipping in the hollow behind her knees, venturing up her thighs and to her butt.  He found the waist of her white cotton panties and eased it down to her ankles, revealing her shaved cunt.  Grabbing her ankles, he dragged her legs apart.  She blushed and fidgeted in unease but allowed his caresses, until she felt his mouth encroaching between inside her thighs.  She realized that his face was just inches above her pussy.  Flooded with embarrassment, she jerked and backed away from him. 

With round-eyed surprise, she asked, “What are you doing?!” 

He laughed and with a devious smile, “Lay still, my love.  Let me take care of you,” he said huskily. 

She reluctantly laid back down as he lowered his head again, one of his hands coasted stealthily along her thigh.  Quickly moving his face to her crotch, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue across her mound and licked her opening hungrily.  As his tongue slurped along the length of her pussy lips, he let one long fingertip slip into her slit, delicately pushing it inside her.  Lily stiffened at the intrusion that was poking into her most secret place.  “You’re so sweet and innocent, my little angel,” he murmured softly.  His warm, insistent tongue found her clit and ruthlessly attacked it.  It was making her so excruciatingly sensitive that she quivered and moaned while his finger was stroking inside her with a lazy rhythm.  Her pussy was beginning to drip with her juices as he gently opened her legs wider. 

She squirmed, wriggled and whimpered, “Please.. please…” Her body aching for something but she did not know what it was. 

“That’s it, my little angel… just let it go..” he murmured and he went back to pressing his mouth on her sensitive clit.

She could hear her own heartbeat pounding in her ears and felt a slight burn as he slipped a second finger inside her, stretching her tenderly.  Then he suckled her taut clit, alternating it with fast licking while his fingers were working with controlled thrusts.  Suddenly, Lily’s vision blurred, her face was contorted and flushed as waves of pleasure washed over her.  She lurched and thrashed on the bed, in a series of violent, convulsing spasms.  Arching tightly against his mouth and cried out.  His licking slowed but continued to lap up her clit and his fingers still stroking until her climax faded.  Her pussy was sore and to her mortification was dripping with her juices. 

Pulling out his fingers, his erotic mouth lowered to kiss her cunt.  Her face felt terribly hot and her heartbeat reverberated in every part of her body.

He was aroused, throbbing hard and forcefully erect.  She felt the brush of his stiff cock against her legs, it was rigid and hot.  Crouching over her, he lifted her hips and urged her legs wide.  He positioned the engorged head of his dick inches away from her wet slit.  She felt his cock parting her pussy lips, probing into her gently.  Even though her pussy was slick with her own juices, her tight virginal walls were resisting the intrusion.  It burned more than when he put his fingers inside her, Lily tensed against the pain.  As Alex felt the thin barrier inside her, he cradled her in his arms and he whispered endearments in her ear and said, “I’m sorry,” before moving in a powerful thrust, tearing her virginity.  He plunged into her again and again.  Lily howled from the intense pain as she jerked and thrashed trying to escape the hurtful intrusion but it seemed that each of her movement only served to draw him deeper inside her. 

Filled, stretched and opened, Lily then tried to lie still in his arms and relax but it felt like he was going to rip her apart.  Her fingernails were digging into his broad muscular back.  He tried to soothe her with his kisses, cooing sweet nothings to her.  He kissed her passionately to make her forget the pain he caused.  As his pounding continued, the intense pain was now gone replaced with a dull ache mingled with exquisite pleasure every time he rammed into her.  Lost in a tide of building sensation, Lily felt more slickness and her pussy was adjusting to accommodate him more. 

The back-and-forth motion and the tight walls gripping his dick became unbearable as Alex made a low sound of surprise, shuddering as his cock jerked violently inside her in a series of rhythmic spasms.  A groan escaped his mouth as he spent himself inside her, his breathing ragged and uneven.  Her hands were running over the muscled plane of his back, pulling him more heavily above her, opening her legs wider, trying to tug him in deeper.  Propping himself on his elbows as trying not to crush her, he gently kissed her lips.  Her arms encircled his head, her fingers running through his blonde locks and kissed him back.

Alex stood up on unsteady legs and went to his bathroom and returned with a damp towel.  Lily was staring at the ceiling, contemplative.  Murmuring quietly, he urged her to spread her legs and tenderly wiped the blood and juices between her thighs.  She blushed furiously as it was hard for her to lie still, allowing him to clean her sore pussy. 

Setting the cloth aside, he lay down on his side and Lily turned to face him.  They looked at each other curiously for a while. 

“Are you okay?  Did I hurt you too much?” he asked worriedly. 

“No … it was perfect,” she said with a shy smile.  He leaned over to gently kiss the tip of the nose.