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This is a game where you get to pretend you are the boyfriend of one of the cutest porn girls in the world. (Well that’s what the promo says)…This is Dillion Harper.

A Day with Dillion Harper

You can play the Day with Dillion game here

Dillion Harper is not the knock you down beauty queen type, but she certainly has that sex kitten look that really gets the blood flowing. She comes with a nice butt, tits and a great cheeky smile.

The game starts with a dream scene where Dillion is almost nude and swaying around the pool. Ok that’s nice. Ho Hum… Then you wake up and Dillion is lying right next to you. She will win you from the very first good morning.

Don’t go snoozing though, because she is ready to get jinky with you, and make you breakfast as well. She’s obviously not thinking of your weight or genetic disposition to type 2 diabetes with the breakfast she brings, but you’d better follow her into the shower for a nice time rubbing that delicate little butt and getting all soaped up with her titties.

Then you are back to bed for Dillion to worship your manhood and tease you with a bit of an upcoming surprise. Enjoy a yoga session and a bit of a sun bake with some titillation to go with them, and then she springs the surprise…her good friend Carmen is visiting, and she is very impressed with you.

After a session with them both, there is a very nice ending set where you can get one on one with Dillion and her feet.


Great game, one of the best and my favourites on LifeSelector. Dillion Harper carries it. She has me from Good Morning.

IMHO, there are a couple of potential improvements that could be made. I think it would be better in the dream scene at the beginning if she kept her clothes on. I don’t really like the scene where Dillion introduces her friend Carmen. From a story perspective, by the time I have washed her titties and butt I am more than ready to take her all by herself. Perhaps this scene is out of place? Maybe it would have been better to have the final scene (sex with Dillion one on one) before this scene and get this one as a special treat at the end… and of course, Carmen is also nowhere near as sexy as Dillion IMHO.


Hints & Tips

If you need info about LifeSelector generally you should read the general review here.

You’ll need about 50 credits to play this game and get access to the best bits. This equates to about $5 on the most expensive LifeSelector credit top up plan ($9.95 for 100 credits) and obviously cheaper if you buy more credits.

Once you use credits on Lifeselector that part of the game is permanently open. But if you take a different route through the game sometimes you need to use credits again for the same thing. Just backtrack to the branch in the story where you changed path.

You can play the Day with Dillion game here


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