Who’s the Boss?

An Erotic Story by Sue Shi

Sarah had come to John’s office looking for a job.  John’s secretary had shown her to his private office and closed the door behind her.  John rose to shake Sarah’s hand, and she tried to be subtle as her eyes moved over him.  He offers her a seat in a large chair opposite to his desk and she sat, crossing her legs.

“So what are your qualifications?” he asks, and she noticed that he is staring at where her skirt had ridden up, revealing a glimpse of her creamy white thigh above her dark stockings.  She begins to tell him her job experience, but he is not listening.  His green eyes are roaming all over her body.

“Are you wearing anything under that skirt?” he asks.  She blushes and murmurs “No sir.”

“Uncross your legs and spread your legs apart,” he orders her.  The authority in is his rough voice started her juices flowing.  As she slowly parted her legs, her skirt rises up, allowing him a full view of her moist pussy lips.  She can feel the juices oozing down the crack of her ass.

“Mmmm, nice,” he says, moving in front of her and kneeling.  He pushes her legs apart further, opening her hot wet pussy to his inspection.  He grabs her hips, and pull her forward in the chair, then use his fingers to part her pussy’s lips, revealing her hard throbbing clit, slowly he sucked it into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue as his fingers creep towards her pussy.  Her legs began to tremble as he licked and sucked at her.  He slides two long fingers to her pussy, slowly, as her pussy tries to suck them in deeper.  He slips his fingers in, slowly, just up to the first knuckle, teasing, slipping in and out.  Her thighs are trembling he can feel her clit pulsing beneath his slowly moving tongue.  Her juices are flowing faster and they can hear the sucking noises as her pussy grips his fingers.  Suddenly, he darts his stiffened tongue into her pussy and out again, giving her clit a fast flick, then back to her pussy, a little deeper this, lapping at her juices.  His thumb begins to lightly stroke her clit as he darts his tongue in and out of her pussy.

His cock almost fully erect the cockhead has swollen more than the shaft, so it begins to force its way out of the hood of his foreskin.  It is deep red and she notices that there is a stream of clear sticky pre-cum, oozing from the peehole.  He resists the temptation to slide his foreskin all the way back and release his tormented cockhead  but he take his cock and rub it along her wet flower… just getting it all wet and slippery.  His wet the shaft and the tip of his cock and keeps his foreskin stretched over as far as it will go.  She is fascinated.  She wants to slide the hood back and let the head out, she reaches for it with her hand but he doesn’t let her.  He takes her feet with her sexy toes and he places one of them under his balls.  Her toes immediately search for his rosebud and the other he places the big toe and the second toe on either side of his cock.  She sees how hard his cock has become.  It is standing straight up against his tight abdominal muscles.  Her toes slowly slide the hood of his cock… passes the ridge it is deep red and it throbs for you….as your toes milk it up and down you see more pre-cum welling up and oozing out of the peehole with each stroke.  It makes her mouth water and her pussy with the wet swollen petals all spread and tingling yearn for it.

“Now slip one finger into your pussy, not all the way, just a little….” His hand begins to move a little faster now, your cock seeming to get even harder. He moves closer so that his cock is right in front of her mouth. She licks the slit, tasting him, and she starts to slowly sucks him into her hot wet mouth, his finger moving in her pussy, slowly, churning up all the hot flowing juices.  Holding his cock, and still stroking it, he begins to feed it to her, and she eagerly sucks it in, inch by rock hard inch, until her lips are wrapped around the root and the head is deep in her throat.  He begins to fuck her mouth, slowly at first, and she caresses his balls with her other hand, feeling them begin to tense, feeling his cock begin to throb and pulse in her mouth.  Her fingers are moving rapidly now, wanting him to come  in her mouth.

Finally, she can’t hold off any more.  Watching the head of his cock sliding out of his foreskin and then back in and then out…  It is driving her crazy!  She needed to have him inside her.  She says, “Baby… please… please fuck me now! HARD!

He quickly removed his cocok from her mouth, pushed her back onto the desk, and spread her legs. He jammed his cock into her wanting pussy and he begins to fuck her hard, sliding his hips back slowly until the head is just about to come out….then SLAMMING it hard back in….She feels his heavy balls slapping against her tight rosebud and the head of his cock pressing up into her g-spot and her clit being pressed by his pubic bone.

He looks into her eyes and he kisses her on the mouth…  OMG! What a sexy mouth he has.  His hands caress her hardening nipples and he feels her tongue exploring his. He starts to fuck her harder and harder as he leans down and bites her neck then her nipples gently.  He increases the speed of his thrusts. She begins to inhale sharply and grunt with each thrust.  “I want to come!” He slaps her hand away. “No, not yet!” he tells her. “I’m the boss so I want you to beg me to fuck you,” he says, pushing his cock in a little further.  Then he pulls it back out so once again the head is nestled between the lips of her pussy. She is writhing on the desk now, wanting to feel his cock all the way in her, filling her to the hilt.

He grabbed her bottock  with one hand, still rubbing her clit with the other and he re-started thrusting his cock into her tight pussy.  He reached further down and slide a finger into ass just as he starting to shoot cum into her contracting milking pussy.

OMFG!  They both moaned loudly as they came together…