In Full Bloom: Rose Says Goodbye

Author’s Note:  This is the second story of the In Full Bloom Series.  Check out the first story, In Full Bloom: Daisy Gets Her Man

It was Friday night and Rose had the apartment all to herself.  On her occasional nights off from her waitressing job, Rose usually went out with the girls.  But Daisy was sleeping over at her new boyfriend, Brandon’s apartment.  Lily was doing some biology project at her lab partner’s place and would be going home to her dad’s afterwards to visit for the weekend.  Rose couldn’t go to Smith’s to hang out since she broke up with him a month ago,

She decided to clean the apartment as cleaning always relaxed her.  Being somewhat the “mother hen” of the group, it’s usually up to her to make sure that things are in order.  She had learnt to be the responsible one at a young age when she had lost her dad in a tragic accident.  It left Rose and her then stay-at-home mom struggling to keep their home and raise her baby sister, Wila.  Now that Rose was in college, she had to study hard to maintain her partial scholarship and work two jobs to pay for the rest of her expenses.  It was the reason why she had to break up with Smith, who was the lead vocalist of a band, The Razors.  The rocker girlfriend lifestyle was doing serious damage to her grades and had a few times made her miss work at the diner.  Although Rose loved him very much, the threat of losing her scholarship finally made her decide to end their relationship.  It broke her heart and she moped for days. 

But Smith would not let her go without a fight, for the next two weeks he tried to win her back.  He called, emailed and sent messages begging her to go back to him.  For a week, he would wait for her shift to end at the diner, holding a perfect single-stemmed red rose, until she told him to stop.  When that didn’t work, he serenaded her at the apartment, winning over Lily and Daisy.  With difficulty, Rose stuck to her decision knowing it was for the best.  It was just not the time in her life to be in a relationship but she held on to a hope that maybe she and Smith would someday get back together once she had graduated and found a stable job.

A knock at the door, jarred Rose from her thoughts. She looked through the peephole to see who it was.  Standing outside was Smith, looking far from his bad ass rocker self.  Even with his arms full of tattoos and wearing a tight black shirt with ripped jeans, his sad puppy dog eyes made Rose’s heart clench.

“Smith, we talked about this already…” Rose began to say.

Raising  up his hands up defensively, “Look I’m not here to bother you… Can I come in?” he asked

Rose opened the door and let him in. Crossing her arms, she waited for him to explain.

“I… I came here to say good bye.  We’re going on tour with Black Stripes.  The other band that was supposed to open for them had some problems, and they disbanded days before the start of the tour.  Their drummer saw us perform last night and liked what he heard, and asked us to be on their tour.” he said. 

“Black Stripes?!  They have, like, the number one album right now!  And you love that band! I’m so happy for you guys,” Rose exclaimed, genuinely pleased for him.

“Yeah, but we need to leave tomorrow at dawn.  The tour will run for like ten months.  And the band decided to go with Black Stripes to LA after the tour and try to see if we can make it there.  They think we’d have better a chance of getting signed by a label than staying here.”  Smith said sadly.

“I always believed that someday, you guys were gonna be big.”  Rose told him.

Smith looked at her unhappily, “Look, I don’t know when I’ll be able to come back here.  But before I leave, I just wanted to let you know that—that I love you.  You’re the one for me.  And I know I can’t ask you to go with me but I promise you that once we get that contract and we make it in the music scene, I will come back for you.  Because it’s not gonna mean anything if I you’re not there with me.”

Shaking her head, Rose said, “You can’t promise that…and I can’t promise that I’ll be able to wait for you… we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”

“I know… and I’m not asking you to.  I’m just telling you that, I will come back for you.” Smith said, pulling Rose into his arms and gazed right into her eyes and said, “I love you.”

Rose looked down as a single tear rolled down her cheek and whispered, “I love you too.”

Smith he touched her chin, nudging her to look up at him and tenderly wiped her wet cheek.  He bent down and lightly kissed her lips.  Rose kissed him back softly at first, then escalated to a deep and passionate kiss.  It was a bittersweet kiss.  As she knew that when Smith leaves their sleepy small town, they would grow apart and would eventually forget about each other as they lived their different lives.  Roused with the thought that this could be their last kiss, their last night together, the kissed suddenly turned urgent and demanding.  Their tongues flicked and probed when Smith pressed his hard body on her soft one, pushing her backwards.  He ravaged her mouth with hungry kisses.

Rose was unaware that she was stepping backwards until she felt the edge of the dining table on her ass. Their hands were all over each other in a burning desire to feel close.  Smith gripped her butt and lifted her up on the table.  She dragged him closer to her between her legs as she pulled off his shirt, clamoring to feel the skin of his broad chest.  Lost in an all-consuming need to feel him inside her, Rose, in frenzied movements fumbled to unbuckle and unzip Smith’s pants while he grappled under her skirt to tug off her lace panties, tearing them in the process.  She released his stiff rod from his boxers and angled it into her moist aching pussy as the need to feel him inside her was so intense.

Smith plunged his cock inside her.  She felt so stuffed and she never wanted this sensation to go away.  Smith started pumping in and out of her in a frantic movement.  Rose was clinging on to Smith with her nails digging into his broad muscular shoulders and her long legs wrapped around him.  They were making deep, guttural groans as he gripped her hips and he drove into her in a feverish pace.  He pounded into her again and again.  Rose felt his dick thicken inside of her and felt his creamy hot jizz spurt inside her womb.  The sensation was too much that Rose lost it and she came as Smith continued to pump until his climax slowly faded.

With ragged breaths from their desperate fucking, Smith pulled back and gazed longingly at her, wanting to memorize her face… her luminous cat-shaped green eyes… her fiery red hair… He twined his fingers through her locks that were a combination of gold, red and brown.  Right now it was tumbled past her shoulders and disheveled from their urgent fucking, making her look even sexier.

He moved to kiss her forehead and helped her down from the table.  Rose wobbled as she stood and held on to Smith as she felt limp and exhausted.

As she gained her composure, she drew Smith into her room.  Inside, they took off the rest of their clothes.  All naked, Smith lay her down on her bed.  He stood drinking in the sight of her, her smooth alabaster skin that glowed in the light as her luscious breasts were rising and falling from her from her deep breaths.  Her pink nipples stood hard and proud, aching to be sucked and her pussy was glistening with his cum, her clit swollen and slit slightly gaping, making his spunk ooze out to her thighs.

Smith crawled on top of her and kissed her lips, her throat and on the valley of her breasts.  His hands grazed her shoulders and fondled her succulent tits.  He lightly bit one pink nipple.

Rose gasped.

She felt his cock harden, touching her thighs.  Smith turned her over and lifting her up in all fours.  Using his knee, he nudged her legs open.  She loved this position as she could feel him deep inside her.  He slowly entered her from behind.

“ooooohhhh… yeeaaahh…” Smith hissed.

Rose was making mewling noises as his cock slid in and out of her like a piston, her pussy slick from his spunk.  His thrusts grew harder and faster, her body bounced underneath him making her tits jerk up every time he plowed into her.

“oooooh!!  oooooh!!  uug!! oooooh!!  uug!!!! oooooh!!  uug!!” Rose yelled each time Smith slammed his dick deep into her cervix.  Her cunt opening made a slapping sound with each stroke.

Out of nowhere, she came hard, thrashing and screaming in ecstasy.  Her pussy walls tightening around his throbbing cock.  The clenching and unclenching sensation triggered Smith’s climax.  Gripping her hips, he continued rocking up and down on top of her, his thrusts slowed with his cum flowing inside her.  Heart pounding and breathless from their intense love-making, he bent down and kissed her nape.


Rose woke up in the early hours of the morning feeling exhausted and sated.  She stretched out her arm, eager to touch Smith but instead she found the space vacant of his warm body.  She sat up and stared at the rumpled pillow beside her, empty except for a perfect single-stemmed red rose.