Paying the Rent – An Erotic Story

When at college it was a bit lonely staying at my bed-sit. So I was really pleased when my girlfriend Amber said she would move in with me. On her first day there, I left her to get settled in as I had classes. I was really looking forward to our first evening together but when I returned to the bed-sit, Amber was very subdued and her eyes were red as though she had been crying.

Paying the Rent - An erotic story

At first I couldn’t get her to tell me what was wrong but after a lot of cuddling her and telling her how much I loved her and how happy I was that she was staying with me, she eventually agreed to tell me what was wrong on the condition that I didn’t interrupt until she had finished her story.

This is what she told me.

About an hour after you left there was a knock at the door, it was your landlord. He was surprised to see me there as he was expecting to see you. I said I was just visiting, just in case we were breaking some rules. He said he didn’t care why I was there as it didn’t matter because he was there to evict you and we could be sleeping in an alley tonight as far as he was concerned if you didn’t pay the two months’ rent that owed. He asked if I had the money, when I said no, I didn’t have that much cash he said to start packing. Two of his boys were on their way down to insure we were out within the hour.

I started to cry and he put his arms around me. He then said that maybe we could come to some arrangement, I was about to ask what kind of arrangement when I felt his hand on my breast. He said, “I think you know what kind of arrangement.”
I thought if I let him have his way at least we wouldn’t get thrown out. So I just stood still while he took off my blouse and bra. He started to suck on my nipples. You know how much I like that, and I started to respond, it was turning me on. He then picked me up and took me over to the bed. He laid me down and removed the rest of my clothes. He started licking me and within seconds I was climaxing. It was really strange, here I was letting this middle aged man strip me and use me, and it was one of the biggest turn on I have ever experienced.

As my climax subsided I opened my eyes. He was stripping his clothes off and I was surprised how big his thing was. It was hard and sticking out but it looked huge, much bigger than yours. I was feeling a bit afraid, could I manage to take such a big thing? He climbed between my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders. He entered me quite easily; I was really wet with just having had a climax.

He started to thrust into me and I was soon lost in a world of pleasure. Climax after climax washed through me. I writhed and groaned and moaned as his big cock kept spreading my pussy to greater and greater delights. I seemed to be on a never ending rollercoaster of cumming.

I became aware that he was cumming, he moaned loudly as his thrusts got harder and faster as he was shooting his cum into me. This made me cum even more, it was so wonderful. I then felt him collapse on top of me when he had finished. As he got off me I sort of drifted off into a nice satisfied doze.

I was aroused by voices; I opened my eyes and saw two young black men. These must be the boys he mentioned earlier; they were both about our age. I became startled when I saw that they were taking their clothes off and the landlord was saying.
“OK guys! Fuck her all you want. She’s just a slut. She sold herself for the rent.’

One of the black men said, “Sure looks a tasty young bitch.”

I became frightened and I started to get up but was pulled back down onto the bed. One of them held both of my hands above my head in his one big hand and started to pull on my nipples with his other hand. He twisted and pinched so hard that I didn’t even notice the other one getting between my legs. Before I knew what was happening, another cock was fucking me. The pleasure of it started to get to me, this was helped when the other guy stopped pinching my nipples and started to caress and fondle my breasts.
I was soon going along with it. I enjoyed being used. You may think of me as an awful person but I couldn’t help it, I was getting such wonderful feelings. This young guy’s cock was even bigger than the landlord’s. Or should I say fatter, because I really felt my pussy being stretched. It was so wonderful.

It didn’t take him long and he was soon filling me with more cum. He had hardly finished when the second black guy pulled him off me and took his place. I could never have thought in my wildest imagination that being used as a fuck toy for these strangers would be such a tremendous turn on. I just couldn’t stop climaxing. I was on a non-stop wave of multiple orgasms; it was like nothing I had ever experienced.

When the last guy finely finished and I felt his cum shooting into me, I felt really sad that it was over. I would have liked it to go on and on. It was only after they had left that I began to feel bad that I had been unfaithful to you. I had done it for us, to prevent us, you, being thrown out. Can you ever forgive me?

As she finished her tale, I could see her eyes filling up again. I waited a moment then I said.  “Amber, I don’t have to forgive you, look how hard my cock is after listening to your story. Please let me see your pussy.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, her thighs and pussy were red and covered in cum, the cum of three men. I was irresistibly drawn to it and crawled up the bed and buried my face into her loveliness. Licking, slurping, and sucking. I could hear her moaning as my tongue licked her to more orgasms. I hurriedly stripped my clothes off as I wanted a turn at fucking her delicious cunt.

I shoved my cock into her spunk filled cunt, slowly so as to enjoy the feeling of it. I looked into her eyes and I could see she was getting as much pleasure from it as I was. “You never said if you sucked any of their cocks?” I asked.

She hesitated then replied.  “No! No I didn’t suck any when we were having sex but after the last one had finished fucking me, he scrambled up the bed and pushed his dripping cock to my lips and said. “Clean me Bitch! Clean my big dick!”

“I just couldn’t help myself, I put my tongue out and licked some cum of the end, then I let him put it into my mouth and I lovingly sucked it till I had gotten every last drop out of it. By then your cock was hard again.”

As she said she “lovingly sucked your cock,” that was too much for me and I came, shooting my spunk into her well used cunt. I don’t think she even noticed I had cum, with her being so stretched out with bigger cocks.

“Amber, I am glad you enjoyed the experience and I have enjoyed you telling me about it but… I don’t know who fucked you today, because I don’t owe any rent, in fact I pay my rent a month in advance and my landlord is a little white guy.”

“So not only were you gang fucked but you were also conned.”

She thought for a moment; then said. “With cocks that big, they can con me anytime they like.’

We both fell about laughing.