Beach Play and Voyeurism

An Erotic Story by Sue Shi

The tropical breezes drift over us as we lay in the shadow of the palms, watching the clear blue surf roll in, cool drinks at their sides, the scent of the sea mixed with luscious oils and native blooms filling their senses.  We were both relaxed and lost in thought, enjoying the atmosphere and being together.

He asks her to rub lotion on him and flips over to receive it.  She lathers his firm muscles with cream and lets her hands drift down across his ass.  She playfully tickles his crotch as she smoothes the cool lotion on his thighs.  Taking off her hat, she stepped out toward the water and asked where she should stand next.  He had her turn slightly to one side, saying “If I set this just right, get you slightly in profile with your breast from the side, and get the boat in the background, it would look just like David’s famous work”.  She turned, looking him directly in the eye, and wondering where the words came from, she heard herself say, “But David painted her with naked breasts. Shouldn’t mine be?”

This time, he was the one who flinched!  His eyes dropped immediately to her breasts, then looked her in the eye and grinned again, saying, “That would really be a giant stride toward matching the master, wouldn’t it?” Smiling, and still looking him in the eye, she reached up and released the catch on her swimsuit top, shrugged her shoulders and let it drop to the ground.  She heard the quick intake of his breath as the breeze cooled the sweat on her breast, stiffening her nipples.  What she couldn’t realize was the dramatic effect of her beautifully shaped breasts and succulent nipples.

She was looking at his eyes and not at the physical reaction much lower.  She then turned her back, looked at the boat and asked, “Just where I should stand?” “Right there,” was the quick reply and she heard the camera shutter.

He squirms and sighs and warns her that if she continues to tease, he will not be held responsible for his actions.  She delights in the playfulness between them and continues to tantalize him, taking her own sweet time in coating his body.  When she is finished, he grabs the bottle from her and nods for her to lay down.  Slowly, he begins to rub her shoulders and back, sensually stroking her while he murmurs into her ear.  She is aroused by the heat of his body hovering over her skin. He unhooks the strap of her bathing suit top so he can glide his hands over the length of her.

Her ass is already exposed in her thong and he slides his finger under the thin strip of material nestled into her crack to give her an added thrill.  She raised slightly at his touch, and then quickly remembers her top is unhooked. They laugh and tease out in the open until they both are hot from their desires. They run, hand in hand, to the water and dive in.

Once away from shore, their hands find each other again and they continue to explore. He pulls her top free and gently massages her breasts, while she slips her hands into his swimmers.  His cock hardens and she slips it into her pussy.  She wraps her legs around him and they ride their waves of passion.  They cum together in the warm salty water – no one aware of the intimate adventure taking place in their midst.

They walk back across the sand to gather their things and grab another drink.  He traps her against the sand pressing his hard cock into her belly and leaning her back in a warm sensuous kiss.  He lifts her onto the table and spreads her thighs with his.  He draws his lips away from hers and trails a path to her navel where he reams the salt gathered there with his tongue.  He slowly drifts down to suck her clit and probe her slit with his tongue while his hands graze lightly over her inner thighs.  She squirms and moans as he brings her off, then he licks her clean.

Then, his tongue slipped against the bottom of her slit, and she felt a shudder pass through her body, the tongue slid so slowly up one wet side stopping just short of her hard clitoris.  It moved to the other side and slowly down to where they joined.  And then he did the same again, and again.  She was becoming frantic for him to satisfy her needs.  She felt his tongue slide lower to softly flick against her puckered hole, then it moved up this time sliding deep into her wet waiting opening, moving slowly in and out, deeper and higher toward her waiting clit.

This time his tongue pushed against its hardness, caressing it, stroking, slipping up to the head.  As she felt it move higher her hips raised and pushed against his face, she was hot, panting, telling him to lick, suck her.  Oh, god!  She wanted more.  His tongue circling her wet clit, teasing and arousing.  His hands moving to caress her breasts and pinch at her nipples.  She threw her head from side to side and saw two pairs of eyes looking back at her, two ladies in bikinis, sexy young things watching with eager, expectant eyes.  But she was too far gone in her excitement to care.

She pushed again at him with her hips as his lips encircled the head of her erect clit, the tongue stroking harder and faster as he sucked and licked.  She felt the quiver begin low inside, then like an explosion it hit her body, waves of pleasure passing up and down, quivering, wet, she grabbed his head with both hands but didn’t pull away as his ministrations changed to a gentler, yet insistent tonguing.

The waves of pleasure kept coursing through her body.  She felt as if they would never stop and she didn’t want them to. How long she kept quivering and moaning she didn’t know, but never had it lasted like this.  Finally, with a final jerk, her body went limp and she pushed his mouth away.  She lay there panting and shivering…. Then she looked up with a start at the girls who were looking at her, smiling.  No sign of embarrassment in their stares.

She looked down at him and he looked back, grinned and shrugged, “Never saw them come up.”  And he smiled at her.  “Now where do we go from here….?”