Virtual Date ArianeB – Something’s in the Air

Virtual Date - ArianeB

Review :

For those of you reasonable familiar with the virtual date genre ArianeB will not be a new name. The original ArianeB was a bit of a revelation in this genre. ‘Somethings in the Air’ is what the author/creator Ariane Barnes describes a ‘visual novel’ in the style of the Japanese adult stories but ‘Americanized.’ So yep, no school girls in this one… Its also different to other offerings in this virtual date genre as it downloads and plays as a genuine game. i.e. You play, you save, you can come back to it later etc You start the game off as a ‘new guy in town’ and needing to expand your social circles. Oh and meet some women while you are at it. You do know ‘Ariane’ though as you have dated previously (in the previous game). You will go through a diverse and interesting series of adventures to progress through the game. Along the way you will go on dates with 7 girls and if things go your way you will find intimate relations with 2 of them, a disappointing sexual experience with one, and ‘virtual sex’ with another. Mostly the story revolves around building a relationship with 2 girls – Ariane¬†(who you know and have dated already) & Rachel (A geek scientist and gamer who happens also to be ¬†supermodel) As you progress you can track your adventures and see what you have unlocked in the game. You can also select what achievements you want to take into the next round of the game for when you need to accomplish specific endings in the game. Keep going and you will discover 4 intimate scenes with Ariane, and 1 with Rachel plus nudity with all 7 girls. Can you unlock all 25 endings? Might take a while. but think you will be happy you did.

Verdict :

As far as virtual date sex games go, this is a huge game. With 25 different¬†endings, the game will take you a while to play through to the end. Probably the only downside for me was that the final ending after all the 25 other endings was a bit anti-climatic. That is certainly not to say that some of the other endings weren’t worth the trip though. Look out for Ariane with the lube… Play it, take your time, enjoy it.

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Virtual Date – Somethings in the Air – ArianeB

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Virtual Date – Somethings in the Air – ArianeB