Home Alone – The Neglected Wife – An Erotic Story

The rain started early this afternoon, it has not slowed or lost any of its intensity in the least. The sun is setting low over the sky. Night was approaching quickly and as it did I could see lightning in the distance making its way our direction.

Neglected Wife - Erotic Story

Curled up in my mink blanket on the back porch, I heard your truck pull up the driveway, and then silence once again. I can’t hear the front door or anything else over the rain. I snuggle deeper into my blanket keeping any cool air from invading in the spaces or openings. I feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I can sense you, I know you’re there watching me, probably wondering what I’m up to.

Saying nothing you walk out onto the porch, you have already pulled your boots and socks off. I can hear the wet wood of the deck creak under your weight as you walk up beside me. Looking up I smile gently and ask, “How was your day honey?”

“Long. What are you doing?” You ask.

“Enjoying the storm, want to watch with me?” I offer.

“Not right now, I’ve got stuff to do.” You say and turn to go back inside.

“Figures.” I whisper more to myself than anything else as you walk away.

You don’t hear the comment nor realize all I want to do was share some time with you. Going back in the house you close the door, nothing else is said.

I look out into the rain. Feeling alone, I sigh and get back into watching the rain, the lightning gets closer as the skies darken. Fitting my mood. The thunder suddenly crashes nearby; I almost jump out of my skin. Glancing around quickly making sure just in case you were looking out the window you didn’t see me jump.

I let my long hair fall over the outside of the blanket, drifting down over my arm as I sit up, pulling my knees up into my chest keeping the blanket closed at all costs. Resting my chin on my knees I sigh and just watch the storm.

“I’m goin’ out, you want anything?” I hear behind me.

“No.” I say simply and don’t bother to turn around.

“Fine, well I’ll be back later don’t stay out here too long you’ll get sick.” You say and close the door behind you. A minute or two later I hear your truck start up again, pull out of the driveway and take off towards town.

I sit for a little longer, just as I’m about to give up and go back inside I hear the sliding glass door open again. Turning I see our roommate walk out and close the door. He has no shirt on, just jeans and is barefoot.

“Hey.” I say quietly.

“Hey, mind if I join you?” He asks.

“Nope, pull up a seat.” I smile, glad for some company. I watch him sit. He smiles gently then turns his eyes to the storm. I sit and study him for a few minutes. He really is very good looking. Dark brown hair, short from his days in the military. Skinny, but it suits him…muscles noticeable in all the right spots. But what always gets me is the BLUE in his eyes….the way he can unnerve me just by looking at me. I know it’s wrong in so many ways but he has always been my “weakness” so to speak. I think he knows, but says nothing and because he is friends with my husband he steers clear….

“Ya know that was pretty shitty earlier.” He says softly still looking into the rain.

“What?” I ask.

“The fact he came out here completely ignored you and went back to town.” He says.

“O it’s no biggie.” I sighed, not really even convincing myself. “I’m so used to it now days…I’m not really all that surprised.”

“Still don’t make it right.” He finished my true thoughts.

“You’ve got a bad habit of that.” I laugh.

“What- finishing your thoughts and sentences?” He asked with a smirk and turning his head, just as lightning flashed and I could see it in his blue eyes as well. It made me stop and catch my breath.

“What?” He asked in a dry whisper.

“Nothing…um…watch the storm…thanks for the company.” I get up, closing the blanket tightly around me. Losing my nerve completely.

“Ya know I think you wanted for ME to come out not him.” He says softly grabbing the blanket to stop me.

I’m speechless, he’s seen through me completely. Praying he doesn’t see more, I look away and try to walk away again. This time he gets up, takes me by my shoulders and takes the blanket away. I’m wearing a tank top and shorts, nothing else. The cool air flitters around me, I shiver slightly.

He steps closer; saying nothing he pulls me to him by my waist. I want this so bad, but I know it is so wrong.

“STOP thinking….” he whispers, stopping my thoughts, then my heart as he leans over and kisses me gently.

I am trembling; no man has ever made me do that. He picks up on the vibes I’m sending and leans in kissing me again, even deeper. I mewl softly and push myself into him. Suddenly I feel his hands around my waist, and he walks us out into the rain.
I screech from the cold of the water. He laughs and pulls me back into his arms, his hand goes into my hair which before was soft and flowing is now drenched and flat on my head. He wraps his hand in its length and then puts that same hand on my lower back. He keeps his lips locked with mine, and as his hand comes up the front of my tank top he pulls me even closer.

My body is shaking. At this point I don’t know if it’s from the rain or the thought I am feeling his hands on me. I whimper and say, “Please…”

“Please, what?” he asks. I look into his eyes. The blue has deepened; I can see the need and want in them as well.

“Please, I…I want you…” My voice trails off.

“Bout time you tell me the truth.” He smirks knowingly and begins to lay me in the water soaked grass. The rain beating down on top of us as he begins moving his hands and mouth around my body. He takes my tank top off, wasting no time he strips me of my shorts as well.

Lying naked before him in the rain, I have never felt more alive or more wanted than he is making me feel right now. I want to watch him but the rain in my face forces me to close my eyes and simply feel everything. His mouth is gentle and urgent as his lips close over one nipple then the other making them harder than they have ever been, I moan and bury my fingers in his hair pulling him closer.

I manage to get my head up enough where I can open my eyes to look at him, his eyes meet mine, I can see the need and pleasure there. He presses his hardness into my leg making me gasp. I always dreamed how he would feel against me, inside me….
Moving up over me, he blocks the rain with his body as he moves between my legs. “I don’t know how long we have till he’s home, I want this to go all night…and maybe one day it will…” I feel his hardness making its way up my thigh; I want to feel him inside me so bad. I whimper again, grasping at his shoulders as I feel him place the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy, hesitating only but a second before he begins to slowly slide inside me.

“Oh GOD…” I moan loudly. He’s everything I dreamed him to be and more. I lean my head up and bring him more into and onto me with a deep kiss. As he slides deeper inside of me his kissing matching the same intensity and need I’m feeling. He pushes all the way inside me, moaning as he pulls out almost to the edge and shoves back inside me…

As he picks up speed the rain soaked ground beneath us makes bursts of water from our motions splash out around us. Our hands are slippery and contact feeble between them and our bodies from the rain, but the feelings are so much more intense than any stroke or touch of hand could ever deliver.

I can feel myself spiralling out of control, with a final thrust he calls out my name as I bury my face in his neck and scream his. We climax hard, together as if on cue. I am barely able to lie in the afterglow. We hear the sound of your truck pulling back in the driveway. With one last kiss we both jump up and run into the house. I stop and collect our clothing, he grabs the blanket. We dash into the house. I shove our soaked clothing into his hands, take the blanket and throw it back about myself and head immediately for the shower in my room. Where he goes to his room across the house and closes the door.

No words were spoken but we both know this will not be the last time. I step into the warm water of the shower as I hear you walk into the house and call…”Honey I’m home…”