A Strange Night by Kross

A Strange Night by Kross


This is the story about one night in the life of our first person hero (you?) and an adventure that can take you on a few different paths and variations toward varying romantic, sexual, voyeuristic and climatic experiences with 3 beautiful women. Penny is your spunky and buxom wife, Nancy is the bar keep at your local, and Nessa is the towns favourite policewoman.

Your strange night starts at home. Mmmm Penny is cleaning and her arse is inviting you to grab it… Ahh she’s got a headache. Nothing too strange about this night yet hey fellas…

Anyway blah blah blah and you’re off to the pub alone. You chat up Nancy the bar keep, just before closing time you meet up with sleazy drug selling guy in the bathroom and he offers you a red or blue pill. At this point decide to either a) stay and bang Nancy or b) got home to wifey and bang her. But wait there is a third path, leave the bar and get pulled over by the cops, enter the Neesa path.

6 different endings in total, including a 1M 2F scene


This game is still in BETA at the time of writing this review. But it is definitely well progressed enough to play. The producer says from the get-go that the writing is a little bit basic. And he be right. The graphics and animation are pretty good though.

It’s not hard, and the menu/load check point option makes it easy to get the particular path you are looking for, or check them all out without having to go right back to the start.


3 out 5 fat schlongs. Hey, this decent, give it go.

How to Play:

It pretty straight forward, if you can’t work it out call Nessa (policewoman) on 1-800-ima-thicky

Play Now: Download from Kross’ Blog