Sex Date with Paula



Review :

Are you ready for your date with Paula? If you like first person shooters you are going to like this game.

The graphics are good and the design of the story and its implementation are ok. The dialogue is simple but goes ok with the story. Playing the game is a bit like you are experiencing one section of a longer story, and perhaps more build up would add to the eroticness of the story. But that isn’t what this is, its very much the business end of the virtual sex game genre.

You start of with a beautiful blond at your door, and if you ask the right questions and feed your the right food, you will quickly find yourself getting amorous with sexy Paula. There are about 5 different endings and each scene will have a few red herrings to throw you off, but it shouldn’t take you long to work out the successful path to getting Paula down to her skin.

The sex scenes are a little different to other similar games in this genre. They will give you a more 3-D perspective on the action which is very nice from the first person experience. The penultimate path leads you to Paula’s shapely derrier for a big finish.

Verdict :

If you are looking for an easy / short game featuring a spanking hot blond who is going to give you a real good time the My Sex Date with Paula is one of the best going around. It leaves you wanting more, and you probably won’t play this one just once.

Play Now :

 My Sex Date with Paula

Walkthrough :

You don’t need one, just watch the status bar and you’ll be right.