Real Estate Agent


Review :

Real Estate Agent‘ is another adult dating game from Lesson of Passion. It is in the tradition of many of their other games in that it revolves around a guy with several different dating options and the need to better himself and make the right moves to get with each of the girls.

You play as ‘Francis’ as 35 year old real estate agent and you need to improve your negotiations skills to earn money by making sales. You also need to improve your social skills and your fitness to successfully date the girls in the story. The scores you need are listed below. You also need to buy some things and say/do some things to enable dates to go ahead.

The girls in the story are Stella – your boss at the Real Estate Agency, Amelia a girl you meet at the Pool Bar and Riley a girl that you meet initially through talking with Stella and setting up a house inspection, and then later at the Boutique.


The game is easy to play and has a user interface that adult game players would be familiar with. The graphics are always pretty good with LoP games and the girls are attractive and different enough to all be worth the pursuit.

The critical view of the game is that it may be a little too easy and that the story may be a little vanilla. The game also doubles up on the plot line with two ‘married’ but unsatisfied girls not so happy with unattentive husbands. Perhaps a little bit lazy in the story development?

I would also suggest that the sex scenes whilst beautiful are pretty softcore and underdone. They seem edited. Especially the scenes with Riley (i think the hottest of the girls). Seriously the graphic artist didn’t have time to add a titjob on that beautiful rack ???

Verdict :

Go on give it a go. Three decent girls, (Riley looks awesome in most of the scenes) not too hard to play, what could be wrong with that. You are just going to need to use your imagination a bit to fill out some of the scenes.

Play Now :

Real Estate Agent

Hints & Tips :

In this game getting each of the girls individually isn’t difficult.

Stella you need 200 Relationship + 70 Negotiation
Amelia you need 200 Relationship + 70 Fitness
Riley you need 250 Relationship, but you have to talk to Stella at least once to meet her officially.

But for you guys that like a man slut challenge you can also get all 3 inside of the 30 days as well.

Days 1-12 Build : Your negotiation skills by reading Stella’s notes in the Office (Morning and Afternoon). Raise your Social by having a beer at the Pool Bar. You need to make the first 3 Sales in this time and buy a Pool Cue, Running Shoes and a Silk Tie.

Days 13 to 20 : Amy (in the Pool Bar) Get fit (jogging in the park) you need to be 70 to get an invite back to her place. Chat her up, stroke gently, be bold, buy the perfume from the Boutique, leave and come back before you ask her to strip at her place. When you have finished with her, tell her to go back to her husband.

Days 21 to 30 : Stella (in the Office) and Riley (in the Boutique) to get them both you need to balance your work between raising your relationship with Stella in the morning and Riley in the afternoon. You’ll need to but Riley a blue dress and you should get funky with her first. Just don’t ask Stella for a Date until you make it with Riley. When you have messed on Riley’s nice breasts, just compliment her rather than say “I love you.’ Then you can move onto Stella who is pretty easy really.