Our Make Up Sex – An Erotic Story

My boyfriend at the time and I have broken up. But we still kept talking to each other on the computer. One night we were talking, and sex became the conversation. We hadn’t been broke up for very long and in our whole relationship sex was never a problem, it was great till we weren’t getting it from each other. We then decided to talk on the phone. We did the basic small talk but then sex became the topic again. We started teasing each other over the phone. It was apparent that both of us were very excited, and in need of a release. During our conversation it was decided that I would come over to his place to take out our frustrations on each other, and boy did we.

Make Up Sex

Once I got there all the lights were off in his house. I got to the door of his bedroom, and noticed candle light in the room. I climbed the stairs to his room, and to my surprise he was lying in bed under the covers freshly bathed, hard, and ready for me. I couldn’t control myself I took off my shoes and started crawling on the bed toward him. When I reached him I could smell his cologne, which turned me on even more. We started kissing hungrily like we had been starving for the taste of each other. I know I had. I then started kissing on his neck, then biting and sucking. His skin tasted so sweet. He reached for me pulling my shirt off kissing my neck and then my breasts. He grabbed one of my breasts and took my nipple into his mouth sucking hard and biting it. Oh the feeling went all thru me, and then he reached over and did the same to my other breast. Then back up kissing my neck and my hungry mouth.

I knew then I wanted to really taste him hold his hard cock in my mouth so I started working my way down his chest, nibbling on his hard nipples. I caressed his chest and his sides with my hands. Reaching down and stroking his hard cock through the covers. I pulled the covers down from his waist and in all his glory there it was his throbbing hard cock, already pre-cumming from our kissing fest. God I loved his cock that way. His cum was always sweet tasting, and I could never get enough of it. I started licking his shaft, and circling my tongue around the head, his moans of pleasure just made me want to go down on him even more. Then I took his cock into my mouth and sucked his cock up and all the way down to the base in my mouth. He tasted so good in my mouth. He held my head at first grabbing my hair while I sucked on his cock. Then finally he couldn’t take anymore and grabbed me and pulling me up to the top of the bed laying me down and his body over mine.

It was my turn…He started kissing me hungrily again all over my body. He took the rest of my clothing off. He caressed my whole body as he was kissing it. Then he started down my neck to my breasts again, going lower and lower. He was rubbing my pussy by now. I was going crazy from all of this teasing. He then slide down till his head was between my legs, the sight of this made my pussy even wetter than it already was. He started licking and sucking on my pussy like he a starving animal. He then started fucking me with his tongue. It felt so good all I could do was moan and pump my body to him tongue fucking me. Then he did something that had never been done to me before. He moved his head even lower and started licking my ass. My head started swaying then because it was so dirty and nasty but at the same time was exciting and hot.

He licked and sucked on my pussy and ass till I was screaming for him to turn around. I had to have his cock in my mouth again, tasting him. Fucking him with my mouth. I moved from his cock to his balls, I loved doing that it would really get him going. Then without even thinking about I started licking him past his balls till I as well was licking his ass. I think his reaction was the same as mine. Naughty, but still oh so good.

He then grabs me and throws me down on the bed like a rag doll and comes up between my legs and shoves his cock in me. Pounding me harder and harder with each thrust. I start cumming so hard that I am pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts. Having wave after wave of orgasms. By this time I have cum so much that it like a waterfall just gushing out of me. I tell him I want to change positions, but he won’t let me into the one I want. He was in control now and he was going to do what he wanted to my body. He grabbed my legs and pushed them up to my head, and pumped his cock in and out of my pussy. This was great I was in a position that I could watch his cock go in and out of me. I loved the site of that it excited me even more, as I am sure he could tell because I came again shortly after. He fucked me for a while in that position, his cock going in and out of my pussy was ecstasy. His cock just kept me cumming, and cumming.

He knew I wanted him fucking me from behind. I loved the way his hands grabbed my hips when his cock was going in and out of my pussy. So he pulled out and rolled me over and finally let me into my favorite position with him. Me on my knee’s with my hand on the wall, with him fucking me from behind. I could feel every inch of his cock slide in and out of my pussy in this position. Also, I could watch him fucking me in the mirror on his dresser. I loved that sight. We were in this position for a while then he moved me back down on the bed, I went

to lay down and he was like no and forced me over onto my stomach again. Laying flat on my stomach on the bed he came up between my legs and slid his cock into my pussy holding my hips down flat on the bed. I was in heaven. I moved my legs in-between his and started squeezing my pussy tight as I could sucking every inch of his cock as he went in and out of me with my pussy. Finally I feel his cock growing even bigger inside of me I knew he was close to cumming. So I started pumping my pussy up and down faster and faster on his cock. Building us both up to our climax. Then finally he started pulsing and exploded deep into my pussy, which made me start cumming all over his cock. When we were done we were both sweaty out of breath and spent. It was one of the best sexual encounters we had together.