Lake Party


Review :

Lake Party from Lesson of Passion is one of my favourite (short play) adult games.

There aren’t too many sex dating games going around that you can play more than once or twice and still get all excited about. The Lake Party is one of them, maybe not play it every day, but certainly once in a while is all good.

The game is short, provides an interesting, but simple, story with several good and bad ending options. The graphics are really good, the animation is good, the writing (if you take the time to read it) is erotic and builds well through most of the scenes including the sex scenes.

The game is a first-person shooter where you play as Pete, and other characters are your besty Kevin and his girl Lily, and a girl from your class named Ashley. Both girls are hot and different in their own way. Getting funky with both of them individually is a worthwhile game task. Both together? well maybe.

Lily-Lake-Party Ashley-Lake-Party

There is sex and good ending options available directly with Ashley, directly with Lily, threesome with both girls, and a threesome with Lily and Kevin as well. If you want bottom action you need to chase Lily and its worth it.

Verdict :

Def Yes, has several worthwhile endings to pursue.

Play Now :

The Lake Party

Hints & Tips :

Get the Coffee if you want Ashley

Get the Water and the Insect Spray if you want Lily

Pick up the needle in the haystack if you want Lily all to yourself