It’s just not Cricket!

Back a few years ago I was in a team that visited Bundaberg for a cricket match. The night before the game the team went down to the local pub for a few drinks and after about an hour a group of girls who were also in town for Netball competition dropped in. They were very drunk and some of the language even made us blush!
They were all fairly young and fit looking but amongst them was a girl that had long brown hair a curvy figure and really beaut tits. I got talking to her and bought her a few drinks and drank quite a few myself. I knew I was onto a good thing when she starting gently kicking me under the table.

A couple of the guys and girls were there till late in the night and by the time the bartender wanted to close up I was asking Janelle if she wanted me to walk her back to her motel. They were staying in a place straight across from the cricket fields and it wasn’t very far. The other guys in my team knew what was going on so they did the right thing and pissed off, or so I thought!

We half walked, half staggered through the park and by the time we reached the cricket fields we were holding hands, we stopped and started groping for organs. The feel of her pert tits and wet pussy was unbelievable. I wanted to hump her right there but she wanted to find a comfy spot to screw and the motel was out because both our rooms would have had at least 5 other people in them.

Anyway we ended up in the middle of the cricket pitch humping away for about an hour and it was nothing short of fantastic, we licked, we sucked, we did it doggie, she was on top, I was on top. All this time the guys from the team had been watching the f….ing voyeurs!

Next day we ended up playing on the very same pitch. We lost the toss and were sent into bat.

Guess who opened the innings? Guess who got the very first ball of the day hit a wet patch in the pitch and was bowled middle bloody stump! Ah well they can all laugh!