Divided Heart

Divided Heart - Virtual Sex Dating Game

Review :

Hey you are a lucky guy, you have a spanking hot wife. Only trouble is she seems to be more committed to her job than you right now and maybe even going a bit astray with a work dude.

So do you go with Camille the prone-to-cheating missus or Lexi the spunky young tennis coach? Hobson’s choice perhaps, or maybe you can you get it on with both of them?

This is a game you can play more than once to get several different ending outcomes, and there also a few variations in the action you can get in the path to each ending. The graphics are well done and the sex scenes are ok, but perhaps lacking somewhat in options and a little vanilla for some tastes I would imagine.

The gaming is in the lead up to the sex scenes and the path to different outcomes rather than sometimes distracting mini games in the sex scenes.

Verdict :

Its a YES from ME. The storyline is interesting, the dialogue between the characters is sexy, and the girls and graphics and getting the different outcomes is challenging without being difficult. I don’t think its a classic, but certainly a welcome addition to the range of virtual sex dating games.

Play Now :

Divided Heart

Walkthrough :

There a 4 different outcomes, and a BDSM scene with Lexi to find, but these are the basics :

Sex with Camille (Your spunky wife)

Just be nice to her, and leave work early after she comes to see you at work. Cum in her pussy for a happy ending, cum in her mouth for cheatersville ending.

Points required for actions :

  • 25 – kiss at hospital
  • 40 – morning massage, massage her with oil, invite her on a date, or a lick her nipple at hospital
  • 50 – eat sushi from her body
  • 80 – quickie at the hospital

Sex with Lexi (Sport Young Tennis Coach)

Build a relationship with her by leaving work early and visiting the tennis court, distribute her leaflets, flirt with her, say yes to her when she visits you at work, date her, and then visit her apartment for some action.

Points required for actions

  • 10 – flirt with her
  • 20 – invite her on a date
  • 50 – ask for a blowjob
  • 60 – ask about sex

BDSM scene with lexi:
You need to get lexi`s points to about 60 and enough points to date Camille to the restaurant. At the restaurant you will see Lexi with another man. On the next afternoon go to the tennis club and ask Lexi who the guy is, and then go to lexi`s home in the evening.