College Romance

Review :

College Romance is another game from Lesson of Passion (LoP). This game sets you in the role of ‘Mike” a college student who needs to get good grades to pass college and get the attention and horizontal loving of three college girls. With the penultimate prize being choosing which girl to take away with you on summer vacation.

To win the game you need to balance developing culture, science, english, popularity and swag to develop a relationship with three girls : Naomi, Kendra & Reiko.

naomi kendra reiko

The engine in this game is very much old school dating sim, but with modern day graphics and animation. The game gives you three time periods per day (morning, midday, evening) and 30 days to make the moves and interact with the girls to get what you want. 

The game-play is easy to figure out and once you get the hang of the points system and how to maximise your scoring places you will find the game very easy to play. The game does suffer from the quite common foible in these game where a repetitive routine is required to build the relationship which entails doing the same things over again to increase your score.

The girls are hot as they usually are with LoP games and they were all interesting in their own way. The graphics and animation are professional and you won’t be disappointed with any of the girls. The game probably lacks the character development and a level of build up to each of the conquests of a girl that some dating sims have managed. The sex scenes are ok, but probably lacking in length and options to be rated in the elite adult dating game class.

Verdict :

Yep, I played it more than once. Kendra is my favourite.

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College Romance

Hints & Tips :

There are two distinct outcomes in this game , one is having sex with the girls, the other is getting the grades you need to go on summer vacation. How you attack this game depends on the focus you want to take. You can focus on 1 or maybe 2 girls and get your grades up and go on summer vacation, this is pretty easy. Or you can try the harder option of going for all 3 girls and getting the grades you need to go on vacation with the girl you choose.

Sex with all 3, and choose your summer vacation girl

Raise Culture and popularity to 25, work at the shop to raise about $230, then get your swag up to 70 and increase all other attributes to 60+. Work as a bouncer to raise money to buy one of each chocolate, teddy, flower. You should be able to achieve this by day 19.  Make sure you talk with Reiko before she buggers off home. (In the classroom – morning, At the Shop – evening).  Then go to work on the girls Reiko (morning), Kendra (midday), Naomi (evening). Use this to guide yourself through the chat up / relationship building stages..

0-4 >> talk only
5-19 >> previous action + compliment
20-49 >> previous actions + touch
50-99 >> previous actions + flirt + kiss
100-149 >> previous actions + massage thigh
150-… >> previous actions + grab boobs + sex scene

The sex scene with each girl automatically pops up when you reach 150.

Most of the sex scenes have 2 different options to progress. Here’s the follow..

Reiko – Compliment outfit, Push onto window, Kiss lips, Spread legs, Undress, Remove panties, Massage boobs, Turn around, Ask her to suck your cock, sucks cock, you taste her pussy, fuck her and cum on her ass.

Kendra – Massage buttocks, Ask her to touch herself, Stop her, Kendra sucks, Kendra gets fucked

Naomi – Kiss, Massage thighs, Remove her hands, Touch hair, Remove right strap, left strap, Take it off, Touch boobs, Touch ass, Remove panties, Massage boobs, Touch pussy, Put wet finger inside her mouth
Naomi blowing, Naomi rides you on top.

Game Secrets

There are some Easter Eggs in this game, ou will need a QR scanner to view them :

One is by the locker by Naomi
The other is at the shop on the ceiling (on the left) close to the shop
And the last is in the Library, sticking out on a book