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Review of Art with Carla

Review :

Art with Carla is a new offering from the guy who brought us ‘A Night with Sara.’

This is a much longer (some may say too long)  erotic story about an 18-year-old boy and his encounter with a 24-year-old home schooling teacher named ‘Carla.’ You can actually set the options for names to anything you want at the beginning.

The storyline follows a reasonably believable erotic scenario between a student and a young teacher. Some depth and understanding of the Carla character gets added along the way as she blossoms from a closed off and reserved person, to the awakened sexual creature that desires the young man she is tutoring.

The story uses a mix of face to face dialogue and texting + video chat for interaction between the characters. During the texting part of the story there is a small delay in the dialogue from Carla to emulate using a text-based communication device. This can add to the erotic experience if you immerse yourself in the story, but could be annoying if you just can’t wait to see the pictures… (you can turn the delay off).

There are four parts to the story and during the first two parts the balance between sexual tension and frustration was building nicely with the characters defining boundaries and with temptation and lust slowly eroding them as the story progressed. This combined well with the lingering prospect of taking their interaction to a physical level.

The third section where the characters move from text and image based communication to video chat in a role play scenario probably detracted from what was building. This left the last part feeling a bit bland and drawn out rather than the crescendo you should expect.

There seemed to be a bumpy ride through the transition in the story from his ultimate frustration to the surprise of their physical connection in the last part.

In the end, perhaps the third section should have hit the cutting room floor in the final cut ? and maybe a rom com re-write in the ‘ I can’t resist’ part that leads to the end physical connection. The story is mostly good, the dialogue is good, the graphics and animations are all ok and I like the way it’s presented.

‘Carla’ or whatever you may wish to name her, isn’t the bombshell you can get in some dating games, but she is refreshingly real in the sense that she is actually the type of girl you may expect in this sort of scenario and decent enough to be exciting enough to see her reveal herself through the story.

Verdict :

If you have the time, Art with Carla is highly recommended.

Play Now : Go to the Chapters in Love web site

Walkthrough :

There are three options at the start EASY, HARD the only difference is the number of saves you can make through the story. Choose EASY (15 saves) and save when you get to a question.

Here are some pointers:

First thing is to get her Mobile Number at the end of the first lesson – You need to make the right responses and get enough Friendship points (15-20) by answering the Art History questions correctly.

Choose to workout when you have the choice of activities

Take a Shower when given the options to prepare before Carla visits

When you buy her a present get two pack of luxury brand thongs

Write a noteTo my friend Carla …

To my friend Carla …
… It has reawakened my interest in the world …
… With love, (Player name)

When she visits for the last lesson set the conditioner to 86 °F.

Erase the images

Keep it at ‘Friends’ in the end session