70 Minutes of Pleasure – An Erotic Story

An Erotic Story by Pandora Box

Muscles tender with pain, I stagger towards the studio.

Gently, I peel off my clothes and place them in the basket.

I climb onto the table, covered only by a towel.


A young Asian girl enters the cubicle. With appropriate modesty, she folds back the towel to expose my shoulders, my back and the top of my buttocks. Slowly, she dribbles oil, warmed by her small hands, down my spine. The oil seeps between my cheeks.

The girl begins kneading my shoulders with the heels of her hands. She uses her elbows along my spine. Her knuckles massage my abundant curves. She pushes at the tender points on the side of my buttocks. Her hands, the oil – so warm.

My eyes flutter closed as her fingers dance across my arse…

…Cooler oil oozes from the bottle. I feel a warm hand slide under the towel and between my legs. Her fingers skim across my clit and my body shudders.

Without hesitation, without qualms and with complete alacrity, she pushes her fingers into my hungry cunt. With oiled fingers and a well-lubricated hole, my pussy almost swallows her hand. The tips of her fingers press against my g-spot. She begins to rhythmically glide her hand in and out. My minge expels squelching, wet sponge-like sounds – I don’t care. She keeps pressing her fingers into my g-spot, over and over, steadily, as if a hard, hot cock is thrusting in and out of my pussy. She begins to increase the speed and intensity.

I’m getting wetter and wetter. I can almost feel my juices dribbling down my thighs. The girl drives her hand harder, faster, more forcefully. I try to stay on the massage table but my body is both thrashing around, fighting her hand; while aching for her to keep going. She climbs astride my back, facing my feet. Her weight holds me down.

Oh my God! My masseuse is forcefully finger-fucking me. Not only that but she is speed-sliding her hand in and out of my hole. Faster and faster, she is slamming into me with reckless abandon, yet she still hammers my g-spot with every pumping motion.

I burrow my face into the cushion. I can’t make a noise. I’m in a semi-public place. Although how we’ll explain the squelching, squishing, squirming sounds, I have no idea. I don’t care – I am loving this.

Holy shit – I think I’m going to pee on the table but I don’t want her to stop. This is fucking ecstasy and I’m about to explode into a thousand pieces.

The girl leans forward and positions her shoulders between my thighs. Her face is almost in my cunt. Her shoulders are stopping me from clamping my legs together. And the hand inside me doesn’t stop. In fact, I think she stabs in and out, even faster, even harder.

Waves of heat, stemming from my pulsating cunt, flow like lava over my slippery, oiled body. I grunt and groan. That’s fucking it – I scream out, over and over again.

Clear liquid shoots out of my pussy into the girl’s face. It soaks her. It soaks the towels. It soaks the massage table.

The girl slides off my back, down from the table. She grabs a fresh towel and slips out of the cubicle.

…I guess my 70 minutes are over.

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