The Orgasmic Check-up

I’ve been a gynecologist for several years now. I love the female body, and its entire splendor. The curve of flesh riding over muscle, and the sweet aroma that a woman gives off when she is at her sexual peak. I love the sensual and sexual arousal that women give me, and most times, it’s not so hard doing my job, but other times, it’s downright cruel, unjust and tough to be who and what I am.

I stepped into exam room 4 on a hot August day. Our air conditioning system had failed and the whole office was very hot. Me, being in charge of things, I gave most of the staff left, the rest of the day off. I insisted that they do rescheduling of the afternoon appointments, making them for the next day when I could get the AC fixed. One particular patient was not so cooperative. She refused to be rescheduled, insisting that she needed to be seen right away.

I was very hesitant on seeing her, but when it comes to a patient that says she needs to be seen right away, I always was a sucker. I looked at the appointment book and saw that she only had a yearly exam scheduled, which included a breast and pelvic examination. I agreed to see her as requested.

I reviewed a few charts and tidied up the place, restocking gowns, paper towels, soap and gloves before she arrived. The receptionist let her in, showed her to the exam room, and paged me from my office before leaving for the day. I wiped the sweat from my brow and placed on my lab coat before entering exam room 4. I grabbed the chart from the door and read over the brief history knocking on the door.

My patient was a 30 year- old female who wanted a complete physical exam. I stepped into the room and introduced myself, but not before noticing how incredibly beautiful she was.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Smooch,” I said, as I looked over her chart.

“Hi Dr. S,” she stated with a smile, already disrobed and in the hospital gown that was provided for her.

“I apologize for the heat. Our air conditioning unit went on the blink.”

“I don’t mind the heat. It makes things a little more interesting.”

I looked up from the chart to her gorgeous face. Her hair was a raven black, and her eyes were hazel. Her lips pouted a little and her neck is long and slender. I didn’t really know exactly what she was talking about, but I smiled and nodded congenially just the same and lowered my head back to her chart.

After I had read all that I needed to read, I looked up from her chart to note that she had the gown open, and her breasts were already exposed to me. I sat her chart on the counter and stepped to the exam table. Her breasts were incredibly large and shapely. Her nipples were very hard, which indicated to me that she was experiencing some sort of sexual arousal. They reminded me of fresh picked blackberries. I cleared my throat, pushing that thought aside and smiled at her.

“Ok, let’s begin. Shall we?”

I began at the left breast kneading the soft tissue, feeling for any abnormal lumps in the breasts tissue or surrounding glands. She moaned a little as my hand grazed the hardened flesh of her nipple, which was purely accidental, but hearing her moan out like that sent a wave of pleasure straight to my cock. It was lucky for me that I had a long lab coat on that was concealing the stirring of my cock behind it.

I moved to the other breast, and the sleeve of my lab coat must have dragged across her nipple as I moved to the other side. She moaned out again, closing her eyes and arching her back toward me, and lifting her beautiful breasts up more than was required.

Now, I’ve seen lots of women before in my profession, but none that got sexually excited from having an exam. I love all women; tall, short, heavy, thin, large breasted and small, but something about this woman, right then and there, gave me such a sexual rush. I leaned forward into the exam table she was laying on, pressing my aroused cock flush against its hard cold steel surface, praying that my cock would return to its normal sleeping state.

I kneaded the right breast as I had done to the one prior, and completed my exam of the soft fleshy tissue. I stepped back to her chart and jotted down, that no abnormal lumps were felt. My cock was swelling by the second. I could feel it pressing against my trousers and prayed that she didn’t see it. I then grabbed a pair of gloves from the box on the counter and stepped to the end of the table where she already had placed her legs in the stirrups, and had moved her bottom to the end of the table. I pulled my chair closer to the end of the table and adjusted my light. She had the most beautiful cunt I’d ever seen. I could tell it was clearly aroused by the width and puffiness of her vulva. Her clitoris peaked through the labia, hard and erect. Her pubic hair was trimmed very short, down the center of her gash, leaving it bald and smooth as a baby’s bottom, but trimmed longer on either side, a sight I had never seen before.

I told her that I was going to begin my exam and that she would feel a little pressure, so that she should relax and take slow deep breaths if the pressure became too uncomfortable for her. She closed her eyes and I began my exam. I looked closely at the outer vulva and the way her clitoris protruded out from behind its protective hood. My cock was now jumping inside my pants, and throbbing against my leg. I’d never been turned on by this before, and feared that my lack of sex in the past few weeks might be the reason for my excitement. I lubricated my fingers and inserted two of them into her vagina, and she moaned out loudly, pressing her vagina down against my fingers, causing them to push deeper into her canal. Her muscles clenched around my fingers, sucking at them, and drawing them in deeper. I found that I had closed my eyes and was thoroughly enjoying the feel of her warm cunt against my gloved fingers as they slipped farther into her body.

I lost all sense of time and space, and I was no longer the doctor, but a hopeful lover to this woman in my head. When I finally caught myself and opened my eyes to look at her. She had her eyes closed and she was caressing her breasts and tweaking at her hardened nipples. My cock lurched and thumped against my trousers and my body longed to touch hers in more than a professional manner. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“I feel something, right there, Doc,” she said, as I was ready to withdraw my fingers from her and tell her the exam was complete.

“Right where?” I stated, pausing for a moment as she rocked her pelvis on my fingers.

“Back up a little. More toward the top,” she said, as I pushed my fingers back up inside her toward her cervix, gingerly feeling for what I might have missed the first time in.

“There!” she said, as her eyes closed, and she pressed down hard on my fingers.

“Right there,” she moaned. “Can you feel that?”

I could feel nothing out of the ordinary. I was watching her face intently and feeling around inside of her for what she stated I was supposed to feel, but still I felt nothing.

She continued to play with her breasts and nipples, and my cock continued to grow and strain against my trouser and my lab coat. I looked down at myself and saw the imprint of my cock through my lab coat that usually hung loosely around me. I started to withdraw my fingers from her overly lubricated cunt, when she reached for my forearm and pulled my hand flush to her vulva. I sucked in a deep breath, saying oh God in my head as she began to pump my fingers in and out of her own cunt. My cock jerked violently and the spasms sent cum shooting all over the inside of my pants. I pressed my free hand against it, wishing it to stop, but feeling the pulses of it as it emptied itself out in my boxer shorts was more than exciting and wonderfully new to me. I moaned as the last of the spasms released and the thick liquid of from my cock oozed down my leg.

“It hurts sometimes, Doc, but when it’s massaged, it feels much better. Massage it for me Doc?” she said, in a sweet low kitten purr.

I lost myself right there. All my professionalism went right out of me like my cum had, moments earlier. I pressed my fingers back into her sweet oozing hole and pumped my fingers in and out of her. Her eyes rolled and legs began to twitch, I knew that she was nearing orgasm. I wanted to pull my cock from my pants and fuck her hard and fast, but I knew that wasn’t allowed from a professional standpoint.

I pulled my fingers out from her wet sloshing cunt, and stripped them from their gloves with lightening speed. I pushed my bare fingers back up inside her, and pumped them in and out very hard and very fast, bringing her to the brink of orgasm within minutes. She was much wetter than the lubricating jelly I had used when I started my exam, and all the slipperiness brewed the hunger in me even more. I used my thumb to massage her large swollen clit as the jerks of her orgasm began.

Her muscles contracted and sucked my finger deeper into her wet cunt as she began to squirt on my forearm and the table. I watched her beautiful body convulse and shake as the last of her orgasm dwindled away. I couldn’t take it anymore, and reached for my lab coat with my free hand, pulling it open with one hand and fumbling for the zipper on my trousers. I pulled my cock free from my pants and jerked it quickly in my hand while withdrawing her flowing juices from her cunt with the hand that was still buried in her beautiful cunt.

“Is this what you wanted? And why you had to see me so urgently today?” I grunted, as she sat up on her elbows and looked down at my large hardened cock that was pulsing and oozing in my hand.

“Yes, that is part of what I wanted. But what I want and need now, is that cock. I’ve wanted some of your cock since I first saw you. Lucky for me that the office is closed for the rest of the day, and that I have you all to myself. I knew that if I were to have you, which today would be the perfect day. Come give me some of the beautiful cock.”

She needed to say no more. I had the head of my cock positioned at the entrance to her gash in no time. I spread her swollen lips apart with my fingers, and pushed the thick head of my cock into her wet hole while my thumb worked on her clit. God, did she feel tight, wet, and oh so good on my swollen, engorged cock. I slammed my cock in and out of her with lightening speed. All her teasing and having me finger her hole for some imaginary pain that she felt, had my cock hard as steel and ready to ram the living shit out of her. I groped at her breasts, squeezing them hard and tight as my cock drove itself in and out of her with long deep strokes. I have never been this turned on like this by a patient in all the years I’ve practiced medicine.

I fucked her hard and deep, feeling my balls tighten again and the head of my cock swelling even more. I was rigid and ready to explode deep inside of her wet cunt at any given moment. I stepped up on the little step that allows the patients to get onto the table with ease. I wanted to get up there so that I could take one of those tasty nipples into my mouth and suck it while fucking the shit out of her tight wet cunt. As soon as my tongue touched the hardened nub, I wanted to cum, spraying my cum deep inside of her, but I couldn’t take that chance. I was already in serious violation of my medical ethics and a pregnancy is something I needed.

I pumped her hard a deep for a few more minutes, praying that my ejaculation would hold off, but my balls were tighter than they were before and I knew it wouldn’t be long, now that I was buried up to my balls in her juicy wet cunt. I wanted to get all I could of this sweet cunt before I would cum, and then it would be over. I released her nipple from my mouth with much resistance from my tongue, and grabbed onto her legs that were still in the stirrups. I held them wide and pulled her weight to me with each thrust. I pulled out of her as the first sensations of ejaculation came on. I ran to the trashcan and jerked feverishly at my cock, expelling my cum on the used table paper that many woman have laid on, that now lay in the bottom of the can. Thick hot jets of cum plopped onto the paper making it crinkle under its weight, and I felt as if there was so much more yet to go. I felt her hand on my ass, massaging and kneading it as I had done to her breasts in the first part of the exam. I looked over to the side to find her head was peering around my shoulder as she watched me jerk the last drops of cum from my cock and into the can.

She stuck her hand out and caught the last few squirts of my cum on her fingers. She brought her fingers to my lips and smeared my juices all over them, before licking the rest of my cum off her fingers, herself. I licked my lips instinctively and watched her feast on her own fingers, licking every stray drop of my cum from around them, and in between them. I finished with a good grunt and tucked my cock back in my pants. I watched her strip off the gown and toss it into the laundry bin. She sauntered around the room naked, making sure that she bent over in front of me to retrieve her panties from the floor so that I could get a nice good look at her plump ass and still swollen labia. I watched as her long legs slipped into the panties, and I watched closely as she tugged them up over her shapely hips. I couldn’t believe that my cock was buried inside of her only moments ago. What had I done?

I watched her slip on her shirt and pull on her jeans as I tried to jot down case notes. I watched her from the corner of my eye drinking in all of her beauty and sexuality.

“Do you think I should schedule another appointment with you Doc? You know, to check out that pain I’ve been having a little more thoroughly?”

I finished jotting my notes and turned to her. She was running her tongue between her index and middle finger, while her eyes looked intently on my face.

“I guess we should, if it’s still bothering you in a week or so. Give me a call and we’ll see what day works out for you.”

She smiled at me and headed for the door. I walked her to the front desk, thinking that I would pencil her in for the following week anyway. I scheduled her next appointment for one week to the day. I was already anticipating getting between those sexy legs again, and having my hands and lips wrapped around those beautiful fully erect blackberry nipples. My cock began to twitch to life again with the thought of getting to examine her all over again in a week’s time. I hurried her out of the office before I got hard again, and would have to take her again, right there in the front office.

She thanked me kindly and walked out the door. I locked the door behind her and headed into my office with her chart. I closed my door and put my head on the desk as the replay of what had just occurred played over in my head again. My cock was hard once again and throbbing, begging to be touched. I leaned back in my chair and took my semi hard cock from my trousers, and stared at it as it hardened in the palm of my hand. The cum spot on my trousers was still very wet, and it turned me on even more just looking at it, knowing what had transpired and what was to come on her next visit.

I pulled on my cock and jerked it with long slow strokes as her face, body, tits, and cunt flashed in my mind. I increased the pace with each new thought about her and how I had just fucked one of my most beautiful patients on an exam table in my office. I had to jerk off one more time before I left the office for the day. I laid my head back on the chair and closed my eyes. I rubbed my cock, massaged my balls that seemed heavier than they had been this morning in the shower. This would be the second time today that I had jerked off. The only difference was that this time, it was from reliving a good time with a beautiful patient, and not from some fantasy I had conjured up just to get off.

I stroked and played with my balls, squeezing them in my hand as I pushed and pulled on my cock shaft. I felt the familiar tightening of my scrotum, and grabbed a handful of tissues from the corner of my desk. I blew my wad, stroking my cock until the last spasm finished and my cock fell limply in my hand. I cleaned myself off, grabbed my briefcase, turned off the lights and headed home.