My Graveyard Shift

My boyfriend and I were working on a graveyard shift. It was a Sunday evening,  I decided to meet up with my him at around 11 pm to get some dinner because our shift started at 2 O’clock in the morning.

We drove to a  restaurant and he got some burgers and fries. All I had was some vanilla ice cream. We then headed to a parking lot of the nearby hospital. We parked the car facing the high walls of the building.

We were in the front seat of the car and had just finished eating when my boyfriend started to play with some left-overs and threw some fries at me. I dipped my finger to my ice cream and put some of it to his face and licked it afterwards.

I started to think of something naughty, so I unzipped his pants and put some vanilla ice cream on his member. ‘It was cold’ he said. With a smile, I told him not to worry because I could make it warm again. “That would was nice” he said. I leant over and started licking the ice cream off of his organ with my tongue. It tasted really good. I could hear him moan, mmmm most of the time. His organ was enlarged and hardened. I sucked the tip of it trying to squeeze the sweet fluid from its opening. He moaned like he was being punished, while my tongue slide up and down on his throbbing cock.

His penis was nudging at the back of my throat while I’m was trying to reach his balls with my tongue. I went down to his scrotum and took one nut to my mouth, played with it and licked it with my tongue.  He was now moaning like crazy grabbing my head with his two hands.

Then noticing that my nipples were protruding underneath my blouse, he slipped his right hand inside. He started to play with my tit and twisted my nipple. It felt really good so I jumped onto his seat and sat on top of him. I thrust my tongue deep in his mouth for him to taste himself. His right hand now rubbed my tits roughly while he was trying to reach my pussy using the fingers on his left hand. He began stroking my clit which made my whole body burn. My pussy felt like a ripe fruit, so swollen and ready to burst.

“Baby, I can’t wait. I want more! Let’s fuck!” I begged.

I could feel his cock poking under my skirt. It was bulging there, painfully twisted. I was fully aroused. I was rubbing my crotch on his erection. Our hands were flying everywhere. He pulled my dress to take it off over my head, and I helped him out by raising my arms straight up. He had a beautiful view of my chest. He unhooked my bra, threw it into the back seat, and started massaging my tits. He pressed my tits together and sucked it simultaneously.

I was wearing a black thong and he pulled the string away and his 8-inch cock entered my wet pussy. He guided my ass up and down to his cock and the car started to bounce like crazy. I pumped him hard and fast. I could feel a warm fluid coming out of my cunt dripping all the way onto his nuts. I bounced faster and faster, slowly stopped bouncing, then let out an “Oohhh”. My arms were around his neck and his almost choked to death. His face was pressed to my tits.

I didn’t think that I would ever come as fast as just 2 minutes. I had barely finished shuddering from my first orgasm, when he felt the muscles of my vagina tightening around his penis, and I started an up and down motion again. Grabbing my ass tighter, he moved me up and down faster.

He slid his right hand found my anus, caressing it gently with his index finger and his left hand under me more where he could feel his dick sliding in and out of me. It was intensifying. I could feel his excitement increase from my gyrations. I bounced up and down, back and forth on his cock. We stayed in that position for several minutes, till I felt cum gush from his cock. My toes were curled as he reached an extreme orgasm.

We stayed in that position for a minute, panting and silent, we were both soaked in sweat. All of a sudden, we heard a knock on the car window. We were shocked. We disengaged as we saw a security guard standing behind the window. We didn’t realize that he had been watching us since we started flirting around. There was little use my boyfriend and I pretending that nothing had happened. “Did you enjoy the show?” my boyfriend asked him. When the security was about to answer back, we started the car and drove quickly away from the parking lot.

What a night! and a great way to start our graveyard shift.