My Best Concert

When I was seventeen I went to a big concert. I got there real early and got right up the front. All that was between myself and the stage was a group of about 5 girls. As the music started the crowd pressed in from behind and I found myself squeezed in against the back of a girl with red hair a very short little skirt.
Being seventeen the press of an attractive female body made my cock swell. With the crowd pressing us together my cock pressed firmly against her cute little ass. It felt good but I was very embarrassed.

The music played loud and after a while she turned her head to look at me and smiled, my cock was now rock solid. I felt her hand slide down and reach for my cock, she undid my zip, slipped inside and stroked me gently. I slide my hands under her top and grabbed her awesome tits and began to play with her nipples.

As the band started into another tune she turned her head close to me, “Fuck me to this song.” She whispered. I lifted the back of her skirt and slide her panties down to the ground. She opened her legs slightly and guided my cock into her wet smoo. We humped to the tune of the music. Everyone around didn’t seem to notice they were screaming at the band anyway. So as we both came to the crescendo of the song it might have just looked like the music was all we were enjoying.

It was certainly the best concert I’ve been to I just can’t quite remember the name of the band…….

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