Love All – Anyone for Tennis?

I was seventeen at the time and like all lone handshake guys at that age I thought I was never gonna spank the spadger.
One afternoon after school I went over a mate’s place .They lived down the road in really big house that had a pool, a tennis court and all the well to do sort of stuff. His older sister who was an absolute bombshell was home from University and she challenged us to a game of tennis. My mate started getting shitted off because he was losing. (his sister sure could hit a ball) So he stormed off half way through the game. Somewhat disgruntled she asked me if I wanted to finish off the game. I said Ok because I was more interested in watching her magnificent breasts bounce up and down than beating her at tennis. She did beat me and I congratulated her on her fine game as I gathered up the tennis balls off the court. As I walked toward the gate of the court with the balls she moved towards me.

“I’ll take those.” she said softly.

I gave her the tennis balls and looked at her. She smiled. I got an instant woody.

I didn’t realise that I still had a tennis ball in my pocket until she slide her hand in to retrieve it. She felt the stiffness in my rod and gently stroked it through my shorts pocket.

“You want me?” she asked as she pulled down my shorts and grabbed my cock.

“#ucking Oath” I replied as she took me in her mouth.

She then throw me to the ground, ripped her undies off under her skirt and gently lowered herself onto me . I lifted her shirt and sucked on her tits while she rode me like a wild horse. Eventually I spat loads of jism in her and we went to the pool to cool off. I was rooting her again later but my mate came back from his sulk half way through and we never played Tennis again.

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