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livejasmin reviewed

Review :

LiveJasmin is probably the world’s most popular video sex channel. This should mean the most and best girls anywhere on the internet, but does the site live up to it’s reputation? Certainly for choice of cam performer it does.

What is Video Sex Chat?

Very basically , a girl or guy, or a couple or whatever, sit at their end of the internet in front of a web camera. You can see them, hear them and interact with them etc via text, voice or video. If you pay or use credits (that you purchased) they will interact with you sexually and / or put on a show for you.

How does LiveJasmin work?

Like most other live sex camera sites, LiveJasmin lets you join for free and then you pay for ‘private’ sessions with the performers. You can browse all the available cam performers in free mode. Only when you choose to go to a ‘private’ session will you need to pay.

LiveJasmin has a very easy to use interface with several different ways to navigate around and find cam performers that you like. You can save them as ‘Favourites’ and the site lets you know when they are online and available.

The currency of LiveJasmin is ‘credits’ and 1 credit gets you approximately 30 seconds of private session time with a cam girl. You will get 10 free credits when you join. The price of credits varies depending on how many you buy, and the more you buy the bigger the ‘bonus’ credit received.

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What to Expect on LiveJasmin

Thousands of online cam performers – every category I can think of.

High quality video feed – LJ rewards cam performers for having better cameras

Once you join as a member you can browse and chat for hours if you want to.

Some tips on getting the best value for your money on LiveJasmin

Finding the right performer… a little patience to browse and find the cam girls you like and having a chat with them is a really good idea. Avoid disappointment and ask questions like what are they prepared to do in a private session?

There are a few categories to be selected such as ‘soulmate’ and ‘hot flirt’ that are mostly non-nude performers. Avoid them unless that is what you are looking for.

Look out for pre-recorded videos. There are tens of thousands of cam girls on LiveJasmin. Some of them when you visit are a pre-recorded video on a loop. An easy way to check is to ask a question that involves a physical reaction from the performer i.e ‘Wave to me…’ not just a text reply as this could be the ugly hairy dude who’s rolling the tape.

Remember the performers are there to earn a living, so having a good idea of what you want and being polite but assertive is going to help you get it.

Verdict :

LiveJasmin is probably the Online Video Sex Chat best in class. Take your time, join as a member and choose wisely when you spend your credits and you will have a whole lot of fun and reward.

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