Keeping The Fire Burning

One Saturday evening, my wife and I just got home from a company outing, I was already anxious to get on the dirty stuff. I’ve been waiting the whole day because it has been almost a week now since we had the time to make love. It’s been a very busy week for the both of us and we hardly find time to cuddle or even have a sensual conversation.

I guess that is what you’re going to be missing once you get married and move in together, the thrill that was once there when we were single, without those responsibilities you have to work for like the rent and the car.

I hurried to clean myself and put on this certain aftershave which I got as a Christmas present. She has always been fond of its smell and I knew that it is the best way to get her going. I was in our room first, arranged the sheet and the pillows to make it as comfortable for her as possible as she cleaned herself up in the bathroom.

I can smell her washing her body from here and I suddenly felt myself trembling with eagerness and passion for some hard fucking. My cock had grown rock hard, looks like the vitamin supplement that I had been taking the past few weeks has taken its effect. I saw this ad at the pharmacy and decided to get some for myself just to try it and it seems to pay off.

After washing, she lay down beside me and before I knew it, she was fast asleep there on the bed, wasted. I was heavily disappointed; so I lay down beside her and decided to just watch a movie on my notebook, one movie after another. I lost track of time. I didn’t notice that my wife had already woken up because I had my headphones on.

She started touching me, a few moments passed and from the look in her eyes she was in the mood for some “delicious all mid-night fucking” which she said to me through my head phones and loud music. So I closed my media player and thought it best to head to the shower again for more of a good time.

It had been a hot, humid, and sweaty day, but now it had turned quite cold outside. We had the entire house to ourselves and we know exactly what were going to do to one another. She headed off to slip into something a little more comfortable. I meanwhile I got the fire going and the hot tub going. The cannabis incense filled the room with that distinct euphoric aroma.

I got in the tub and waited for her to appear.

Then I heard the distinct sound of her four inch stilettos as she moved across the tiled floor. She appeared in her expensive shoes with a seductive smile and nothing else.

Her skin glowed with the warm light of the fire behind her. Her luscious sizeable breasts appear to be glowing orbs of light, the smooth seductive curve of her body leading to her waist and then her legs plunging straight down. Her pussy is gorged and slightly wet anticipating further wetness was to come. She steps gingerly into the hot tub, deliberately exposing her most intimate parts to me.

So we sit here and talk for a little bit and laugh quite a bit. We were both tired from the trip but not too tired for sex. Soon though the temperature begins to rise and it has nothing to do with the fire or the hot tub. I want her, and she wants me. So I slip inside her and she begins to tingle. We give one another the humping of our lives, as the water vibrates with jets of hot water and the slapping of my balls against her soft anus. The water thrashes about more than usual as it is disrupted by the sexual beings within it. It goes on for a long while.

She is amazing and she has a determination, which I have rarely seen before. Soon we were outside upon the balcony. We are so heated that the biting cold outside does not stop us in the least. We went on, not caring if the neighborhood hears or not.

I tangled my fingers in her hair, caressing as I had been for most of the evening, and eventually, pulling. I filled her in again. She was quite an addict. That was around the moment I became addicted as well. Passionate, I began sucking at her neck and even bit down hard. She was quite vocal, grunting and such. She even whispered a few words, and my god they were nostalgic. Like music to my ears. It aroused me to a frightening level that I could elicit such responses from her. The feeling of power was amazing.

We kept going, now on the carpet inside, next to the fire. We still drip with water but the fire is warming us up. We continue into the night as I caressed her sensual body then she tingles inside. The heat within us is so strong we might as well be the fire ourselves. Encapsulating one another in the heat of lust, we continue. I began to touch every part of her body and continue. I can feel the heat between us rising further still. I ask her “where do you want it” she moaned back “my pussy.”

Then I hoist her up onto me and we look each other dead in the eye as we maintain that “connection” that we have been sharing most of the night thus far. Her screams of passion continue to be wrapped in hedonism. Then nearing climax, it seems like time slows down, but then she lets go and seems to be floating until both of us climax and it seems like the earth is shattering around us, and then we collapse, exhausted upon the bed.

Soon she has washed up and still naked joins me next to the fire wrapping herself in the thick blanket and still quite hot, we lapse into dream land.