Jest Short Stories – Deep Space

Flight commander , Jack Herbit was alone on the flight deck of intergalactic spaceliner “The Penetrator.” On board were 400 tourists headed for Sun, fun and wild sex at the new ‘Club Bonka’ on Venus.
He sat in his pilots chair and moronically gazed as the autopilot controlled the ship. He pressed the intercom,

“Coffee please, Helen”

“Coming right up Captain Arsehole” was the cold reply.

Helen Hardacre was the Head Stewardess on this flight, ’A real bitch,’ he thought. ‘OK so I might of harassed her a bit at last years Christmas Party. She wanted it the cow. Besides her husband didn’t seem to mind. She nearly got me sacked over that, Yeah a real bitch allright !’

He touched the controls of the navigation computer,

“How far to Venus now ?” he barked.

“Estimated arrival at destination Venus is 17 hours 40 minutes, Thankyou.” the computer replied in it’s idiotic, woman on heat, voice.

“Ah fuck!” he thought out loud.

He hated the flight to Venus. The whole trip he could hear the distant expectant voices of the ‘Sex tourists’ as he called them and he couldn’t leave the flight desk.

“Fucking safety crapholes”

Bored, he put his headset on, sat back in his chair and relaxed.

There was a quiet knock at the flight deck door, followed by a gentle voice of a stewardess,

“Coffee Sir.”

Carmen Gettstif had been stewardess on this flight for the last six weeks. Jack had fancied her since she started and was probably guilty of public drooling on more than one occasion. She was tall, leggy with long blonde hair, and a huge set of chest puppies. There was a bet going amongst the flight crew as to what size her tits actually were, but despite much effort, no one could yet put a positive ID on them.

She crossed the flight deck and Jack’s eyes were transfixed on her tight uniform and the orbs that were ready to burst out of it.. As she placed the coffee tray beside him, her upper thigh brushed past his right arm which sent a shiver to the tip of his cock.

She noticed his reaction,

“Anything else you’d like Sir?” she asked with a sultry look that made his cock want to explode.

“Ah, err…” he stammered.

“What’s the matter Sir, lost for words?”

He swivelled his chair to face her, he looked up and down the length of this gorgeous woman’s body before him.

“That’s great Carmen,…….. really great.”

As if encouraged by the sight of the erection in his pants Carmen slide her long slender finger underneath the top button of her uniform and undid it.

“The refreshments are sooo……. hot, Sir !” she cooed.

Jack’s eyes widened and his dick began to throb as she undid the rest of the buttons on her uniform. She peeled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor as she moved closer to him and undid her black lace bra. His heart skipped a beat, two absolutely perfect ‘DD’ chest puppies sat begging in front of his face. She sank to her knees, undid his fly and pulled out his throbbing red organ. Jack was ready to explode as she descended and kissed the tip of his cock and ran her tongue around his helmet. Her rosy red lips glided up and down his shaft as she engulfed him. Sensing he was about to blow his load, she pushed her massive tits around his shaft.

“Come on my tits” she pleaded.

Suddenly there was a loud knock and the flight room door opened.

“Here’s yer Coffee, Captain Dickhead.” It was Helen Hardacre.

Jack shot around in his chair and caught the look of disgust on her face.

“You pervert!” She screamed.

“Can’t you use that Virtual Reality wanking thing in your own quarters!”

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