Hurry that Hump

At the age of nineteen and a recent member of the “done it” club

I was on a trip to Melbourne from Brisbane by bus.
It was a cold Winter night and my girlfriend at that time and I shared a blanket as the seemingly endless trip droned on. We had only recently been going together so we still very touchy feely with each other. The cover of a blanket gave us ample latitude to investigate each other. We discreetly worked our hands inside each others tracksuit pants and she began gently stroking my member while I fingered and rubbed her clit.
This went on for what seemed like a hour and we were both extremely horny. The bus however was packed with people and the more excited we became the less we noticed. Finally we couldn’t take anymore and under the blanket I ripped off her pants and she jumped up on my lap . The feeling as I slide into her hot wet smoo as she went up and down made me shoot bolts of jism in about five strokes. I had just finished the groan as the old lady from behind us tapped me on the shoulder.

“Are you finished yet I’m trying to watch the Movie.”

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