Heck of a First Time – (for some)

An Adult Erotic Story by Sue Shi

It was a hot and humid day. I was waiting for my boyfriend to come pick me up from school one day. I had this habit of skipping my last class because my first one starts at 8AM and then I had to wait the whole day until 5PM for my last one. The fact that I live about an hour away from school is just ridiculous to go back and forth without getting too lazy and ending up not attending class.

Kurt has also been there when I need him. He is the type of guy that you would bring home to introduce to your family. He lately has a knack at online games and usually comes late whenever we decided to meet up, I texted him that morning to come and pick me up from school. He said he will be a little late because he is participating in an online tournament and that he would drop by after lunch.

So I decided to meet up with some friends at a nearby dorm. To my surprise they were all drinking and I quickly jumped in and sat beside this cute guy who I’ve always wondered why I haven’t seen him with a girl before. His name is Roy. He is well built, his arms big and strong. His hair held up by hair gel, and a sweet smile with a soft spoken voice.

I was pretty quiet at first while all of my friends were already a little drunk and noisy, except for Roy. We started talking about school stuff, pretty boring stuff for me. After a while, alcohol was already taking its toll. I decided to take it up a notch and talked about sex. I could see his face suddenly turned red. We exchanged views about the subject and later I found out that he was still a virgin. I was a little surprised at first but surprise then turned to curiosity.

It had been 6 years since I lost my virginity to a high school friend. We were more like best friends with benefits back then. No commitment, no strings attached just pure fun sex for us. Roy then asked questions about how it felt the first time I had sex. He asked my favorite sexual position, any fetish that I have, and what turns me on. Answering all his queries turned me on all right. I moved in closer to him and felt him trembling as if he felt something bad was about to happen. I started kissing his neck, he smelled so nice, so fresh. Like a child, he was powerless against my aggression.

My intention was only to play with him for a while, given the fact that he was still a virgin and all. It’s a bit like toying a child with a candy. I can tell he wanted more. I was so excited that I could feel myself wetting with desire already, maybe it’s because of the concoction we were having.  I could feel him shiver with every stroke of my tongue on his neck. I secretly moved my hands towards his crotch to feel what was underneath all those earthly garments he had on. It was pretty big. Much bigger than my boyfriend. I didn’t give a damn, even if my friends were to see us. It didn’t matter to me or to Roy.

I could not stand the thirst anymore. I pulled him off his seat and led him to a vacant room next door. I started taking his clothes off with much eagerness, like a child opening gifts on Christmas day. I got even more excited to see what gorgeous manly curves he had. Those lovely cuts on his abdomen signify he has been working out. His butt was round and firm. And before I knew it we were both in our birthday clothes. We shared passionate kisses as if there was no tomorrow. I guided his hands on my lovely breasts. I felt myself trembling with every stroke of his manly hands on my soft tits.

I then pushed him on to the bed and went down on him. At first I teased him by licked the head of his pinkish manhood, and then he trembled with every stroke of my wet, hot tongue going up and down his shaft. I tried to put his entire dick inside my mouth but it was too big for me. I could hear him moan with intense pleasure with every stroke of my mouth. I kept twirling my tongue around his cock while it was inside my mouth and kept going for a few more seconds, but then, he came without warning. It was a mouthful alright. I then pushed him aside to wipe my face. I could see his embarrassment by the look on his face. I felt bad for myself and hugged him for a while and said to him that it was alright.

After a while we started kissing again. This time I could feel his desire at full blast. He was sitting on the bed and I was straddled on top of him. It was so hot that kiss. I asked him if he can go down on me but he was reluctant because he has never done anything like that before. I said its ok, and then I lay him down and rode him slowly at first. His cock just passed through my wet pussy. God it felt so good! As I was humping away, not a minute later, there he was about to come again. He pushed me off and found myself at the bottom of the bed looking at him while he was shooting his load. Disappointment lingered in my thoughts because we hadn’t been in the room for 10 minutes and he already came twice!

I was not about to give up on him, I had to finish what I started. I wiped his milky cum off and started blowing him again. This time when it got hard I asked him to be on top. At first it was alright, everything was going smooth, I told myself. He was just fucking away while I lay down enjoyed each thrust. But then, not again. I felt him losing control again and…. He came again, this time it was a bit longer than the first. He pulled off his dick and jerked away on my belly.

Then, silence surrounded the room. I was glad he was having the time of his life now but how about me? 3 dam nil so far. He knew that I was getting  frustrated. We rested for a while and I fell asleep. I woke up to see him licking my pussy, at first, I was not in the mood, but the sensation was starting to build up. He then positioned me doggy style and entered me from behind. It was my favorite position; I told him that earlier, I was saving it for last. So without further a due, he inserted his rock hard member back into my wet damp pussy. It felt so good that the thought of Kurt hadn’t crossed my mind. He had always given me pleasure like this. So I fantasized about him while this “boy” went on fucking away. To my surprise I came about a minute later. Roy came too shortly after me and I can see he was exhausted, but the good part was I was satisfied with a mild orgasm. I guess not all good looking guys are superb in bed, especially those who are still virgins. I would still prefer my man Kurt above anyone else. I missed him today.

Roy and I got dressed and told him that he did just alright, with a pat on the back. I went on and waited outside for Kurt as he texted me that he is on his way. Upon seeing him, I whispered to him to take me home at once and that I wanted to make love to him badly. He just grinned and said “sure babe, off we go.”