Girls Just Wanna Have Fun !

An Erotic Story by Sue Shi

When I was in college I was given a project in class and had to team up with another girl. The girl that was picked for me was one of the female jocks. I never really liked her, but I had no choice. The first couple of times we met on the project we were in the library. It was kind of weird, neither one of us seemed to care for each other so we stuck to the project and never really got into talking about our personal life. I knew she was a great baseball player. She was also pretty, but in a tough type of way. Of course I jumped to the conclusion long before the assignment that she was a “jock dike”. To this point she had not changed my opinion of her.

The third time we were to get together it was pouring rain out. I had her room phone number and called her to see if we could meet somewhere closer to our dorms than the library. She let know her room mate was out “somewhere” and if I didn’t mind we could work in her dorm room. I agreed and headed over there.

We were working for about an hour when Linda’s (Linda being my project partner) roommate Anne came in with a six pack of beer. “Oh, I didn’t think you would be here.” Anne said as she opened the door and then put the beer on the desk. Linda looked over at the beer with a questioning look, “I thought you might want a beer or two after studying with ….” Anne had started when she realized that I was the study partner. It was an awkward moment at best.

Anne was smart and just grabbed a beer and gave one to both Linda and I. Linda spoke up and said “Anne this is Sheryl, Sheryl – Anne.” Now Anne wasn’t bad looking either , not as tough looking as Linda and she had a big set of boobs for a girl not much taller than I. Without saying much, we all opened the bottles and toasted. I broke the ice and said “to new friends.” It definitely made the room a more pleasant place.

We took a break from studying and finally got to know each other. The girls were both softball players on scholarship and had known each other before coming to college. We had finished off the six pack, and me not being a big drinker; was starting to feel the beer. On one of the girl’s trips to the bathroom another 6 pack was picked up, supposedly some girl sold beer out of her dorm room on the floor. We started drinking again. Half way through my 3 rd beer I was feeling pretty high (I know I’m a cheap date, right?) Linda looked at me and I think could tell I was lit and out of the blue asks “hey Sheryl don’t you think Anne has huge boobs?” I look at Linda and then turned my head to look at Anne’s boobs. I had already noticed their size but now had a chance to really look. I nodded my head and slurred a little “yep they’re big alright”

Then Anne says “I got them as a gift from my parents for making the team. ” “No shit” I said and then Anne asked “you want to see them?” I hadn’t even said yes and she was pulling off her top and bra. I have learned since that almost every girl who has a boob job likes to show them off, back to the story… 

Anne was standing there with her big beautiful boobs totally exposed and only a few feet from me. Linda then said “feel them, they feel so real.” I looked at her and said “I don’t think that would be right.” Anne said “its OK I like it.” I still pretended to be a prude and stood there till Linda grabbed one of Anne’s boobs and started to squeeze it. I shrugged my shoulders and reached out and grabbed her other one, and just emulated what Linda was doing. This went on for a minute or two till I pulled my hand away and said “they really do feel real, thanks.” Linda looked over at me and asked “thanks?” I just looked at her in a shy way and said “I didn’t know what else to say” and reached for my beer and took a swig. Linda then says “ well hers are fake, but I think my real ones are just fine” and with that she pulls her top and bra off and says “don’t you agree?” Anne looked at her with and in a patronizing way says “Yes Linda, the whole team thinks you have nice natural small boobs?” Linda looked back at her and asked “small, everyone thinks my tits are small?” I couldn’t tell if they were for real or teasing each other. But I figured I would break the tension and yelled out “well I wouldn’t worry; they are bigger then mine aren’t they?” 

Anne looked at me and said “you know, I’m not sure, I think they are about the same.” I looked at Linda’s naked boobs and could tell they were bigger than mine and Anne must have seen that too. Linda says in a huff “I’m bigger then her, you’re blind, Sheryl take your fucking top off.” Now I couldn’t tell if Linda was really mad or just playing games, as I was.” I stood there and put my arms up to my shoulders covering my boobs, in a shy defensive way. Anne looked at me and said “you know the only way she is going to calm down is if we settle this.” I was really starting to like Anne. I said “OK” and took off my top. As I dropped my bra, almost in unison the two girls saw my nipple and said “nice”. I looked down and my long nipples were starting to extend and were out about an inch. I said “yeah, I have small boobs and nipples meant for a bigger pair… But Linda I think you can see that your boobs are bigger.” Linda agreed and seemed to calm down.

But Anne was staring at my nipple, which of course were getting harder as she looked. I started to cover up and Anne said “don’t, please, they are like the longest nipples I have ever seen, do you mind?” And before I could ask “mind what” she reached out and started to squeeze one of my nipples. Her action caused me to moan out loud and she just smiled and grabbed the other one. I couldn’t help myself from continuing to moan. “Please” I said through the moaning “I don’t think you should be doing this.” But she didn’t stop and I just kept getting hotter and continued to moan. A minute or two later I repeated my statement and said “I th…ink you sh…ould stop.” Anne said – “Ok, here I’ll take one hand off.” As she did Linda started to reach for my nipple, but Anne grabbed her wrist and just held it. Anne then bent forward and took my exposed hard nipple into her mouth and started to suck.

I let out a “oh my gosh” and regained my moaning. Linda was standing near us and started to use her free hand to feel herself up. A few minutes later I saw Anne move Linda’s wrist down and then felt their hands at the top of my jeans. Obviously Linda got the message and started to undo the button and then the zipper of my pants. I started to complain but let the action continue; “please, I don’t think this should be happening to me” and just let out a louder moan. Linda pulled my jeans to my ankles and then moved her hands back up and grabbed the waistband of my panties and then pulled them down as well. She pulled on the clothes now down at my ankles and I lifted a foot and then the other to help her get my pants off. Linda ran her hand up my leg and as it was nearing my pussy when Anne backed off of me. Linda’s hand came to rest about 6 inches from now very wet pussy. I was standing near one of their school desks and Anne pulled out the chair. Without talking she put her hands on my shoulders and moved me over to the chair and put pressure on me indicating she wanted me to sit, which I did. Linda was still on her knees from undressing me.

When I sat down Linda positioned herself in front of me and with her hands spread my legs apart, exposing my pussy to all of us. Linda looked at it and then looked up and said “oh my, this girl is really excided.” I looked down myself and saw that my labia were totally swollen and moisture was coating the bottom half of them. Before I could say anything Linda moved forward and ran her tongue between labia from top to bottom. I almost yelled but controlled it to just a loud “ohhhh.” My body took over and my butt came off the chair take her tongue deeper. Linda also grabbed me around my waist and pulled me forward in the chair. She kept up her attack on my very hot pussy and I was in heaven. Anne was having a great time watching and then pulled off her bottoms and then surprised me by leaning into me and started to kiss me. 

I fought it for a few seconds moving my face back and forth, but she finally took her hands and placed them on both sides of my face and held it and then kissed me driving her tongue into my mouth. After a few more seconds I started dueling with her tongue, succumbing to this lesbian session. I was being tongued around both sets of my lips and was nearing a climax, I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. I started to moan so much that I had to push Anne away so I could breath. I was like a moment away from exploding. When I pushed Anne away she grabbed Linda by the hair and pulled her off my dripping pussy. I yelled out “don’t fuckin stop!” I reached forward to pull Linda back into me, but Anne grabbed my wrists and said “come on, lets go over to a bed.” There were two beds in the room and as we headed to one, Linda moved in front of us and pushed the beds together, some how I knew this was not the first time, and wondered if they were pushed together every night. 

My body was on fire and I started to reach for my pussy and Anne caught me and grabbed my wrists again and said “now that wouldn’t be fair to Linda would it?” I looked at her and said “please hurry, I need to cum.” She looked at me and smiled and said “Ok, lie up on the bed.” I got up on the bed and spread my legs with my knees in the air. My hands started almost on their own to head to my wanton pussy. Anne looked at Linda and said, “I have got to get a hold of her hands.” With that she got on the bed, pushed my knees down and straddled me right below my boobs. She grabbed my wrists and pinned them above and to the side of head. She said “gotcha now.” I looked over at Linda and said, “OK she has my hands- please lick or at least finger me, please, my body is on fire.”

Linda looked at me and said “give me a minute to take my pants off, and while you are waiting, I think Anne’s pussy needs your attention.” When I turned my head back I looked at Anne’s pussy that starting to drip as her legs were spread wide to straddle me. She lowered her hips forward and positioned herself above my mouth. I looked at Linda, who was pulling off her jeans and thong panties and explained “I can’t, I mean I never have, this is wrong.” Linda, who was now naked, came over and put her face close to mine and said “look, you have already been licked by me and made out with Anne, I know you have liked it so far, its time for you to let go of your old perceptions making it with another girl and accept the fact that you like this and will most defiantly do it again, hopefully with us.” My eyes were wide open and just staring at her. Without notice I felt her finger move between my legs and then slide between my labia and run from bottom to top and then it was gone. I gasped. She looked at me and said “if you want me to take care of your cunt, then you eat that delicious meal in front of you, NOW.” 

With that she put her hand under my head and pushed it up. My lips were now touching Anne’s pussy lips. I moved my closed lips across her labia as my head moved back and forth. Linda saw this and lowered my head and said “would you like to go home now?” I said “no”. She then said “then open your mouth and stick your tongue way out.” I did as I was told and then she pushed my head back up. My tongue went strait into Anne’s pussy and my lips came in contact again with her labia. I stopped resisting and started to eat out this pretty athlete with the fake boobs and really hot pussy. I ate her as if I had been doing it for years (which I had). I kept waiting for Linda to finish me off. I was getting totally turned on again as I was licking and sucking on Anne. I looked up and saw the two girls were kissing and then Linda moved down and started to suck on Anne’s nipple. Linda put a pillow under my head and freed up both her hands to caress her lover, as she sucked her other nipple. Anne started to ride my face and was moaning like crazy and then she started bucking on my face as she exploded in a climax. My face got washed as this girl was creaming all over me. I kept up my licking and then sucked spots on her labia, getting more and more taste of her cum. I was so turned on that I almost came myself without being touched. 

Anne suddenly pushed herself off my mouth, but held wrists in place. She moved down my body and was resting on my boobs and she was dripping on my chest. She looked at Linda and said “kiss her” Linda leaned forward and kissed me and used her tongue on my face to clean me up like a cat, but kissed me every few seconds and almost let me clean off Anne’s cum from her tongue. Anne had gotten up and Linda held my wrist. The kiss was very hot and I noticed something going on with my wrists but couldn’t concentrate on anything but the kiss. 

Both girls then backed a way. My wrists were tied to straps behind the bed. I didn’t even object and looked at them and said “you’re not going to leave me like this are you?” Anne said “what would you like?” I said “well Linda could eat me again, or finger me, anything. I have almost cum twice and I need to explode, please.” Linda asked “do you know what a dildo is?” I figured it was still time to play the prude role. “yeah, I guess”. Linda asked “what is it?” I said “it is like a dorky type guy, right?”

The two girls started to laugh, I mean really laugh. Linda went over to her dresser and came back with 10” and thick dildo. I opened my eyes wide. She said “this is a dildo, it’s a fake dick.” I looked at it and said “holy shit. I have seen vibrators I even had one, but nothing like that.” Anne asked “well are you hot enough to take that inside you?” I said “I don’t know, its been a long time since I have been with a guy” –ok so I lied. “but I would like to try.

Anne responded “well, maybe your not hot enough yet.” She took the dildo and placed it between my opened legs and positioned it so the head was touching my inner thigh about an inch or two from my labia. It was killing me to have it so close. Linda went over the dresser again and took out a double ended dildo. It was longer and thinner than the one resting between my legs. The girls got on the bed next to me and proceeded to have the hottest sex I have ever seen. At one point the dildo was inside of both of them and they had it completely buried inside them and them grinding their pussies together. I had tried to squeeze my legs together to make myself cum and make contact with the dildo, but the girls had thought about that and had blocked my feet from moving.

The girls changed positions and Linda was on her knees about to fuck Anne from behind, with the rubber dick sticking out of her pussy. She looked at me and then moved over to me and stuck the dick in my mouth. I tasted Anne’s cum all over it. Linda then look that end out of my mouth and reversed the dick inside her and had me clean her cum off the other end. I had already watched the girls cum a few time and my body couldn’t take it much longer, my nipples were hard as rock, my labia were totally swollen and my clit was as far out of its hood as possible. Anne was watching me suck the dick and then looked at Linda and said “what do you think?” Linda got off the bed and came over to the side of the bed I was on. She said “this is what I was thinking. I am going to sixty-nine with you, so you can eat me while I am eating you. While we are doing that, Anne is going to fuck you with that big white dick. Now you can say no and watch us play some more, or you can be part of what I just described. Which is it?” I replied “that sounds fine with me, just untie me please.”

Before I was untied I watched the girls get a strap onto Anne and place the dildo through a hole. I also had to give Anne a blow job to get the dick wet. Linda lied on the bed next to me with her knees in the air. Anne untied me and I almost jumped onto Linda. I quickly started to eat her out. I was waiting for her to lick me but she didn’t. I looked up and said “eat me already” She said- “I want the dick in you first. Go back to what you were doing.” I put my head back down, but this time started to grind my pussy into Linda’s face, to get some relief. A moment later I felt the bed moving as Anne got up behind me. She told me to raise my ass off of Linda and I got back up on all fours as she lined up the dildo. I felt the pressure at my labia and then felt her slowly enter me. I told her “fuck me hard” but she just slowly pushed the thing all the way in. My pussy took the dick in like it was a little finger, I probably could have taken a wrist at this point.

When the dildo was totally in me I started to cum, and as I did I started bucking against Anne’s body. Linda started licking my labia and Anne stated to pump. I felt the climax coming hard and drove my mouth into Linda’s pussy so the entire dorm wouldn’t hear me scream. I don’t ever remember cumming so hard, and I think it was the first time I squirted – or at least flooded the person below me. Anne pumped me hard and as I was cumming down from this fabulous feeling, Linda started to suck on my clit and brought me right back into a climax.

Before the night was through I been joined with both the girls and the double dildo and had even strapped on to fuck Linda. Over the next 3 years I got to know a lot more of the team and will tell you about some other encounters at some other point…. Have a good weekend, Sheryl.