Family Affair – An Auntie to Remember

I was so sleepy one night. The air-conditioning system was at full blast and it was so cold in my room when I received a text message from an anonymous sender.  I then quickly replied to ask who it was and to my surprise, it was my aunt from the province.  Her name is Lyn and she was adopted by my grandmother when the latter got divorced with my grandfather.

Lyn is 2 years older than I am and we were close growing up because we lived in the same street. We spent most of our childhood days playing together, despite the fact that my mom hated her; maybe because because she was the fruit of my grandparents splitting up.

It was a long time since we had last heard from each other because my family had moved to the city. She said she got my number from my sister, who she had met via a social networking site. I called her up with much haste. We spent the most part of that night talking, exchanging thoughts about how both our families were doing. I was so excited talking to her again and she sounded so mature and so full of life. I am 22 now so she is 24, maybe turning 25 this year for all I know.

We talked about the different relationships we were in. She caught my attention when she said that she missed me a lot and she had been trying to get a hold of me for some time now. I knew we were close, but not that close, I thought to myself. So I played along, mumbled some sweet words that would shame Romeo for his love of Juliet. She whispered some heavenly lines to me too, ones that only dating couples would usually dare to say.

And before I knew it we were talking about sex. I began to get aroused when she described what she and her boyfriend had done in the past. Her voice sounded so sweet and serene that I felt my throbbing member underneath my boxers slowly growing. I asked for her email and her Skype ID so that we can go online and do some video chatting. I was curious as to what she would look like now after years of not seeing each other.

I hurriedly turned on my laptop and added her quickly on my friends list. In no time there she was on my screen, and I said to myself; Oh My God! She’s freaking hot! She looked so sexy in her yellow shirt, I could instantly see she wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath the thin cotton garment she had on. Her hair was long, straight and black as night. Her eyes looked as if she can see right through your soul and touch you with her warm and magical aura. Her skin seemed unaged even though she spends most of her time outdoors. I prefer women with light complexion, but she would definitely be an exception. She showed me a fairy tattooed on her belly, and that was the time that I had enough and I needed to light a cigarette to relax myself from the visual ecstasy that was happening right in front of me.

I stayed calm and composed amidst the distractions that were transpiring in my mind. I did not want her to see me get too excited. We made plans to meet up after she got out from work. She lived about a couple of hours away, and I don’t have a job yet so it was going to be the perfect timing for a road trip. After a two and a half hour drive one Friday afternoon, we met at a shopping mall near her workplace. I was so anxious to finally see her after all these years. I honestly did not know how to react. A funny thing crossed my mind, it was a booty call for me and it would come from my aunt; though we are not blood related but she was still my aunt legally.

There I was at a restaurant waiting for her. She was running late and my excitement soon grew to frustration. Suddenly a hand brushed my head from behind. It was Lyn; she had been waiting at the back the whole time and secretly being amused by the look of desperation in me while waiting for her. I told her it was not funny but then to my surprise she kissed me right there and then. It was one of the best kisses for me. I could really feel the longing for each other’s touch. I knew then that this is going to be a very interesting weekend for me.

After dinner, we then headed back to her apartment. She had a gay roommate at that time but he was out for the night. I took a shower before she did and before we knew it we were making out passionately on the couch. I touched her all over her long, slender body. I could feel her shivering each time my hands would pass her wondrous mounds. I could tell she wanted me to take her, but I knew that I had to be patient; I took off her shorts and panties and started eating what seemed to be mussels grilled with lots of cheese. Damn it was so good, so hot, and so perfect.

She stopped me from my ordeal and kneeled in front of me and started licking just the tip of my thickened cock. I could see her ass from up there and my god it was a heavenly sight. She then did the unthinkable, she deep-throated my cock clean as a whistle. It disappeared right in front of my eyes. God she was so good! I had to stop her before I spilt my love juice all over her glorious face.

I carried her to the bed. She was so wet that my dick just passed through her cunt when I entered her. She moaned with pleasure. The sound she was making was music to my ears. I pumped her fast, and then slow, then faster. Teasing her gave me much pleasure. I was almost about to blow up my load when she stopped me and went on top. I could see her voluptuous body riding me up and down, back and forth. She screamed my name and said that she was about to come. That made me come almost instantaneously. I shot my load in her like melted butter. It was so good that I ended up embracing her while she was still trembling with gratification. I kissed her neck, the scent of her sweat added satisfaction to my senses. I whispered to her, “You’re perfect baby”. “I know, and you’ll be enjoying this perfection for the next couple of days” she replied.