Daisy Gets Her Man

by Desideri Nascosti

Daisy was busy clicking away on the computer trying to see what her brooding artist crush was up to.

“Are you cyber-stalking him again?” Rose, the statuesque stunner with auburn hair, asked her friend.

“I’m not stalking!  I’m just… checking what he’s up to,” Daisy said defensively.

Lily, the shy one in the group, who was studying a book looked up and said, “So, what’s Brandon up to these days… You haven’t mentioned him lately,”

“Oh, Lily, don’t encourage her.” Rose admonished.

Rose, Lily and Daisy have been best friends since pre-school.  They bonded over the fact that they were all named after flowers and ever since, remained friends even if they had different interests and their personalities were polar opposites.

Ignoring Rose and reading from the laptop, “We’ll he’s looking for interested models for this nude painting his doing” Daisy said out loud.

“You’re not thinking of doing it, are you?” Lily exclaimed with her brown bespectacled eyes wide.

“Why not?  I’m in the best shape I’ll ever be.  So why not have it immortalized in a painting… painted by my true love.” Daisy said dreamily.

Rose rolled her eyes over the dramatic proclamations of her friend who was always in love with a new guy almost every other month.  Daisy, looking very much like the typical cheerleader with blond hair and a banging body coupled with her bubbly and energetic personality, it wasn’t very hard for the guys to fall for her.  But she was very fickle and would grow tired of the guy she was dating and would soon find someone else to “fall in love with”.

“Are you sure this is safe?  He’s not gonna, like, take advantage of you, is he?” Rose asked.  Of the three friends, Rose and Daisy would always butt heads with both having strong personalities.  But with Daisy’s diving head on with her sometimes childish follies, Rose can’t help but worry about her friend when she gets this stubborn.

“Oh relax, he’s a very known artist in campus, he’s even had gallery showings… and remember the recognition he got from the school board?  I’m sure it will be tastefully done.” Daisy answered.

Still not convinced, Rose said, “Just be careful okay.”  She still wanted to say more, but knowing her friend, if she harps on the topic, the more she sets her mind into it.  Instead, she gathered her purse and wore her coat, ready to go to her night shift at the diner, “We’ll I’m off, ladies, don’t wait up.”

“Wait, I’m going it out too, I’ll head out with you,” Lily said as she hastily grabbed her things and stuffing it inside her big back pack.

“Are you two leaving me all alone here?” Daisy stopped looking at the computer screen and turned her head to ask her friends.

“I’m meeting Alex,” Lily explained.

“Again?  That’s, like, the 4th time this week.  Is there something going on between the two of you?” Daisy asked.

Lily blushed furiously and exclaimed, “What?! No! We’re lab partners for biology.  And we need to check for update daily and th—“

“okay, okay… no need to get defensive.” Daisy cut her off and went back to checking out her crush’s Facebook page.


“How do I look?” Daisy asked anxiously to Lily as she was about to leave their apartment.

“Wow.  Where are you going?” Lily asked.

“To Brandon’s for the nude painting gig,” Lily said while checking herself out in front of their full length mirror.

“Dressed like that?!” Lily asked incredulously.

Daisy knitted her brows and said, “I don’t know what to do… This is our third sitting today and nothing happened yet… The first time we met was a disaster!  Brandon was rude and curt.  I tried everything.  The flirty banter, the soft touches on his arms… fluttering my eyes, the hair flip… I even wore my cheerleading outfit!  And all I get is either a grunt or a nod!” Daisy sighed as she plopped down on the couch next to Lily.

“Maybe he’s gay?” Lily suggested.

“I don’t think so… I mean, there were times when he looks at me and I know he’s into me… but he then in a flash, the look is gone,” Daisy whined as she was not used to guys ignoring her.

“Okay.. maybe he’s one of those guys who doesn’t want to be… pursued,” Lily said, choosing her words carefully, knowing her friend doesn’t like to be told that she’s wrong.  “Maybe, he likes girls who are… demure?” she suggested.

“I can be demure” Daisy said determinedly.

“Not with that outfit,” Lily murmured to herself.


Brandon was dreading his afternoon sessions with Daisy.  He didn’t think he has any willpower left to resist her.  For some reason, she seems to be flinging herself at him and it has become harder and harder for him to act professionally around her.  He had a rule to never to get involved with any of his models because it always resulted to trouble.  But Daisy was persistent.  It was becoming very tough for him to focus on painting as he was trying to tamp down his lust and hide his raging hard on.  It was a good thing the easel obstructed her view of him.

Five minutes before 3PM, he heard a knock on his door.  Taking a deep breath, “Just get through two hours…” he told himself repeatedly like a mantra.  When he opened the door and saw what she wore, he knew it was going to be easier said than done.


Daisy’s neck and arms were stiff from not moving, she was glad today’s session was over.  She decided to make one attempt, and if it doesn’t work, then maybe Lily was right, Brandon is gay.

“Hhhhmmmmm… be demure…. be demure…” she said to herself as she was changing in Brandon’s bathroom.  She looked around, and a smiled to herself as she had a brilliant plan and muttered, “demure is just not my style…”


Brandon was cleaning his brushes, quite aware of the very painful erection straining in his pants which hasn’t subsided yet.  He wished she would go already so he can take a cold shower.  But as the bathroom door opened, he looked up and drank the sight of Daisy wearing only his towel with a naughty glint to her eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind… but I felt so hot and sticky that I decided to take a shower,” she said purred.

Her hair was wet, her arms dotted with beads of water all the way to her shoulder and on the curve of her cleavage.  Her breasts were full and high, her rock-hard nipples straining against his thin frayed towel.  The damp towel emphasized her tiny waist and flat belly.  It revealed the curve of her full ass.  He felt the jolt of desire at the sight of her.  He tried to look away but he was mesmerized at the sway of her hips as she walked towards him.  He let out his breath, not realizing he was holding it.

As she was right in front of him, she looked up with her huge blue eyes and said, “I hope it’s okay?” she whispered seductively into his ear.  She was so close.  Too close, that he could smell the scent of her.  She smelled of clean soap with a mix of … was it honey? She tentatively kissed his jaw and then trailed light kisses down to the hollow of this throat.  Her hands gently grazed his chest to his shoulders, the feather light touches leaving tingling sensations all the way through his skin.  Instinctively, his arms moved over her, kneading her ass and for a second, he let himself enjoy her touches.  But as he regained his thoughts, he forced himself to step back from her, saying, “we shouldn’t be doing this…. We work together, we—,“ before he can finish his sentence, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her soft warm body against his.  He felt the mounds of her breasts pressing against his hard chest.  Taking advantage of his distraction, she tiptoed and licked his lower lip and when she lightly sucked it.  His felt his lips tingle and the sensation travelled all the way down to his throbbing dick which swelled even more.  At that point, Brandon lost all his self control and his mouth hungrily found hers and kissed her back, deeply and passionately.

She pulled back, ending the kiss.  Puzzled, Brandon let himself be lead by Daisy towards the couch.  She pushed him onto the sofa and let the towel drop to the floor.  She stood in front of him in all her naked glory.  She smiled seductively at him as she positioned herself right between his legs and kneeled at the foot of the couch.  She began to unbutton and unzip his pants, releasing his aching, thick cock.  Her wide blue eyes gleaming with desire and lust, she locked eyes with him as she slowly licked the glistening salty drop of pre-cum at the tip of his member.  He sucked in a breath.  Her hand gripped around his throbbing shaft and slowly stroked him.  As her small hands were rhythmically stroking him, she took his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, wetting it thoroughly.  Then she fed it deeper into her mouth, with the bulbous head of his erection pressed hard at the back of her throat and tentatively moved her head up and down.  “ooooh yeaah,” he moaned and with eyes half closed.  His fingers twined through her hair, pushing her head up and down.  Wet, slurping noises filled the room.  Tightness gripped his chest and his legs began to shake.  Daisy pulled back, making a loud sucking noise and stood up.

Placing her legs around his, she straddled him.  She positioned his hard shaft right below her soaking snatch and let his dick touch her entrance and she shuddered.  She held herself over the couch with her hands on his chest anchoring herself to him, her nails digging tiny half-moons into his skin.  Slowly, she impaled herself onto his massive cock.  She drove herself onto the thick rod, feeling stretched and full, settling onto the couch with the weight of her body forcing his dick deeply into her.  She lifted herself off him and swiftly penetrated herself again up to the base.  She began to buck her hips widely, plunged herself more deeply and began to ride him fast and furiously.  Her breasts bounced and jerked, “oooohhh god!! Oooooh god!!! Ooooohhh,” she cried.  Her hands closed over her breasts, squeezing and gripping them.  She placed one breast on his mouth, making him lick it, which he greedily suckled and bit the nipple.  His other hand was roaming freely over her body and curled around her other breast and pinched her nipple hard.  She quivered and sobbed.  Then he held onto her hips and lifted her up and down, meeting her thrusts as he pounded savagely into her, penetrating even more deeply.

Tension coiled through her belly going all the way through her legs.  As he was pummeling her, she slipped her hands between her legs, parted her pussy lips and attacked her clit.  Her breathing was erratic with sweat trickling down her back and then she exploded.  Waves of pleasures surged through her, “Shhiiiiiiiiiit!!!!” she screamed as she thrashed frantically.  Her pussy muscles were milking his cock.  The tight clenching and unclenching around his rod became too much for Brandon as he also felt his dick thicken and spurted his warm jizz inside her, “Fuuuuuuck!!!!” he shouted as he threw back his head in ecstasy.

As her orgasm tapered off, she laid her head on his shoulders.  Their breathing heavy as they were both spent from the hard fucking they just did.   He stood her up and led her to his bedroom where they spent the whole afternoon fucking each other.  They only surfaced around midnight grab a bite to eat.