Chimera Ecstasy – An Erotic Story

This continues to be one of my favorite dreams; every time I have it something new is added. I think (I hope) you’ll like this one even better.

The dream always starts the same. I’m working late and typically the only one still in the office after hours. I hear a noise and look up toward the door, and there he stand. He’s magnificent in his nudity. Perfectly muscled and tanned, black hair worn loose and around his face, like the mane of a wild beast. Blue eyes so fathomless, that they pull you in heart and soul. His cock hangs flaccid over low hanging balls. Even in this state, it calls to me like the Pied Piper. When hard, it stands a perfect seven inches and takes two hands to encircle its girth. If I wasn’t already in bed, I’d have fallen to my knees.

He enters the room and says my name in a voice so deep and powerful, I become his to command. He pulls me to the edge of the bed and pushes my head down to his crotch. Several things hit me at once. One is his scent. It’s like toasted vanilla and sugar. Another is the taste of his cock-head on my tongue. It was exactly as I had hoped. As I take him into my mouth, he begins to grow hard and almost immediately starts filling my mouth with the taste of his pre-cum. This is so much better than any fantasy I might have had about him.

About the time I begin to think that it couldn’t get any better, he pulls me off of his cock and onto my knees. He then kisses me. His tongue is invading my mouth and tasting himself there. We break from the kiss and he gently lowers me back onto the bed. He begins to kiss my face and then down my neck to my breast. He takes time on each nipple, sucking them into his mouth and softly biting them into hardness. He resumes his gentle kisses, each one sending him lower and closer to my wet pussy.

Thankfully he only gives it a single kiss on the head, before proceeding on to my inner thighs. I would have hated to experience a release so early into the play. His kisses take him all the way down to my feet, where he proceeds to suck on each of my toes. I’ve never found this to be particularly erotic before, but tonight is a whole other story. Once through with my toes, the kisses resumed. This time, he goes back up to my legs towards my waiting cunt. My clit was his first stop. Licking it, he messages it with his tongue giving it a bath like it’s never had before. After a few minutes of this, he releases it and tries to enter his tongue to my wet hole. It’s one of the most sensual feelings I’ve ever experienced, and the thought that it’s actually him giving me this pleasure is almost more that I can handle.

When he finishes with my clit, I prepare myself to finally be able to release the pent up energy and emotions brought on by having him do these things to me. But, instead of taking his cock into to my mouth, he turns me over and begins kissing my ass cheeks. He eventually tires of this and places a hand on each mound of flesh and then spreads apart exposing my puckered hole. Based on what had been happening, I was prepared for him to kiss me there. What I got instead was his hard moist tongue buried as deep as it would go. It sent sensations through me that I had never experienced before. My entire body grew warm and began to tremble with pleasure.

All I could think of was the one thing he had done yet. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me. There was a shift of weight on the bed and I knew that he was reaching for one of the condoms I had left out on the nightstand. I could hear the tearing of the foil wrapper, and the unrolling of the condom onto his hard cock. I realized, it was too late, that he had not applied any of the lubricant I had also left out. I felt the head of his cock breach my outer ring. My gasp caused him to pause, and he leaned forward so that his chest was against my back. He began to kiss my ear and nibble on my earlobe. Damn! The feeling was electrifying. I was reminded of stories where men did this to the young virgin brides, to distract them from the pain they were about to experience. I don’t know if it worked for them, but it did for me. I was pulled back into the fucking, when I felt his hips slap up against my ass. The feel of him so far up inside of me made me cry out in ecstasy. He immediately came, shooting load after load of cum onto the sheets underneath me. I know that it’s only the condom that keeps him from filling my ass to over flowing with his own cum. I felt the climax coming hard. I don’t ever remember cumming so hard, and I think it was the first time I squirted.

His moans of pleasure turn into a nagging buzzing noise, and I am woken by the alarm clock and made to realize that is has all been a dream. Everything, except for my own flowing hot liquid coming from my pussy I’m sticking to the sheets. As I shower, I’m left wondering how I’ll ever face him at work again. I know that I’ll blush every time I think of him fucking me again, which I’ll do every time I see him or hear his voice over the wall even if it was just a dream. A wonderful lustful dream…