Betty loses her Muumu Dress and something more… [requires editing]

Betty was sitting on a lounge chair by the beach wearing a big muumuu dress over her bikini and a large floppy hat while reading a book.  She was supposed to share this vacation with Ted, her boyfriend since high school.  This was their graduation getaway before they start their jobs.  All thru college, they have been very studious and serious, trying to maintain their 4.0 GPA.  They never experienced going to wild college parties and playing hooky.  So they graduated with honors and decided that they should splurge and enjoy a long relaxing vacation as a reward for all the studying and hard-work they did.

But as luck would have it, the prestigious finance firm that hired Ted, called two days before they were supposed to leave for their vacation requiring him to start work right away as one of the executives resigned unexpectedly.  The resort wouldn’t refund what they paid because it was a last minute cancellation, so they agreed that Betty would go without Ted.

So here she was, enjoying the solitude and the warm tropical weather, sipping fruity cocktails by the beach while she caught up on the books she didn’t have the time to read.  As the sun started to set, it got too dark to continue reading so she decided to go back to her cabin and enjoy a soothing bubble bath with a glass of champagne.

Walking thru the secluded stone path, she passed by one of the cabins having a party with loud music blaring and the people drinking and laughing.  She was glad Ted insisted that they choose one of the cabins located at the farther side of the resort, isolating them from the noisy and rowdy revelry of other newly graduated college kids like them.  As she was nearing her cabin, a guy stumbled out from the bushes and blocked her path.  He was a foot taller to her five-foot frame and he had wide shoulders and a broad-muscled chest.  With his blond wavy hair, he looked like one of those all-American jock type guys.  He moved closer to her, invading her personal space that she could feel his breath on her face.

“How come you are in such a hurry?” he asked.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but if you must know, I need to get back to my cabin before it gets too dark.” Betty said, annoyed this guy was delaying her from the soothing night she had planned.

“But that’s when all the fun starts after it gets dark,” he quibbed.

“We’ll maybe we don’t have the same idea of what fun is.  Now if you could just move out of the way…” she said as she tried to move forward.

But instead of letting her pass, he grabbed her elbow and pulled her to the side, out of the pathway where the bushes concealed them.  Looking down on her, he whispered as he caressed her cheek, “Maybe somebody just needs to show you what the right kind of fun is…” and he started to slowly kiss her.

She tried to push him away but he held her tight.  She couldn’t escape him as he was bigger and stronger than her. He continued with his slow kisses as his hand cradled her face and his other hand lazily touched her neck going down slowly to the top of her cleavage and gently cupped her breast.  She gasped.  He took advantage of her parted lips and plunged his tongue inside hers.  He kissing became urgent, and he forced her to accept his deep, drugging kiss that she tentatively met his tongue with hers.  Her heart pounded wildly and she tingled all over as she felt his tongue on hers and her body went limp as she was overwhelmed with the kiss.  She never felt this way when she kissed Ted, this was urgent and exhilarating at the same time.

She didn’t notice that he slowly moved her inside a dimly-lit shed nearby.  It was small and had shelves on the wall where surfboards were stored.  Once inside, he continued his kisses, pushing against the wall back.  His hands stroked her thighs, kneaded her breasts and she urgently kissed him back.  She loved the feeling of his hard body on hers, and felt his bulging erection on her stomach.

He slowly laid her down on one of the surfboards on the floor.  He started to kiss her neck, pulling down the neckline of her dress and kissed the curve of her breasts.  “Hhhhhhhmmmm…” she sighed, as she instinctively arched her back giving him more access to her breasts.

He lifted up her dress and removed it.  She lay there wearing the skimpy bikini her sister insisted that she bring to this vacation.  He gazed at her wide curvaceous hips and lush, creamy breasts that were almost spilling out of the little bikini top.  “You shouldn’t hide such a fucking hot body,” he said as he lightly cupped one breast.  She arched her back again.

He started to place light kisses on her flat tummy moving leisurely up to her breasts.  He sucked her nipples through the thin fabric of the bikini.  She heard herself moan. He bit her nipples and she gasped as she felt them harden in his mouth.  He slipped the straps of her bikini from her shoulders revealing her round breasts and rock-hard nipples.  She whimpered as he started to lick her nipples.  As he continued with his assault on her nipples, his hand was caressing her knees going up to her thighs and touched the edge of her bikini bottom.  He pushed the fabric aside and pressed his finger inside, touching her already soaking wet pussy.  She lifted her hips, trying to capture his finger.  But instead, his finger searched for her clit and started drawing circles around it.  She writhed and started making mewling noises.  She inhaled sharply as he inserted his finger inside her slit.  He curved his finger and when he found her g-spot, he lightly rubbed it. She jerked as her pussy spurted more of her juice on his hand.

He pulled out his finger and then removed her bikini bottom.  He bent her knees up and spread her thighs very wide that she felt her pussy lips open up.  He had a full view of her very wet and gaping snatch.  He gazed at her pussy and the looked at her, making her blush with embarrassment because, except for her OBGYN, she never had anyone see her most private part so exposed.  Not even Ted as their sex was pretty tame.

Before she could close her legs, he shoved two of his fingers inside her moist slit, she produced a startled cry.  He began to slowly finger fuck her.  “Oooooooooooh…” she mewled as she writhed, enjoying the sensation of his fingers sawing in and out of her.  Still looking intently at her face, he inserted a third finger into her cunt.  She felt so full and more of her pussy juice flowed out, lubricating his fingers even more.  His other hand found her clit and started stroking the nub while his three fingers were fucking her pussy very hard, so hard that she jerked up everytime he pushed into her.  “Oh god!  Oh god! Oh god!” she cried, not realizing she was making very loud noises.  She felt her orgasm gradually building up and just when she was about to come, he sucked her nipple so hard and she exploded.  “Oh fuuuuuck!!” she grunted as her pussy clenched and unclenched on his fingers.  As the last tremors of her climax subsided, she met his eyes and blushed furiously.  She was so mortified that he witnessed her cumming.

He smirked and said, “Now it’s my turn.”  He stood up and removed his board shorts.  His hard cock sprang out.  Betty’s eyes widened as she had never seen a cock this big.  This guy’s cock was at least 3” longer than her boyfriend’s and it was definitely wider.  He saw her reaction and laughed and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t bite.”  She suddenly panicked thinking he’s going to rip her up with his massive tool and struggled to sit up.  But he was too fast for her and he held her down, saying “Relax, we’re gonna have some fun.”  He spreads open her thighs and slowly pushed in the head of his cock into her cunt.  He continued pressing until two inches were inside.  Betty lay still and holding her breath, afraid he might tear her apart.  He pulled back, leaving the head of his dick and shoved it back in again, two more inches deeper this time.  He continued doing this until his stiff rod was all the way inside her.  He was so huge that the head of his cock was pressing inside her womb.  She had never so full like this.

Then he pulled almost all the way out of her and swiftly penetrated his cock all the way back in so hard.  His fucking began to gain speed and he was pounding her harder and harder that she bounced around like a rag doll.  He grabbed her firm breasts, mauling them while pounded into her.  Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, another orgasm ripped through her, this one even stronger than before.  Her whole body convulsed and her senses overwhelmed.  She bucked and shouted in ecstasy but he never let up, fucking her furiously and ramming inside her that her orgasm went on and on.  She was spent and drained but he wasn’t done with her yet.

He pulled out and flipped her over, putting her in all fours in a doggie-style position.  Without warning, he impaled her from behind with such force that she lurched forward and her titties bounced up.  But one of his hands grabbed her hips to make her stay in place.  He started to pummel into her while his other hand mauled again one of her boobs.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah!” she shrieked as he was fucking her so forcefully that she could feel his cock slam into her cervix.  He was now grabbing onto both of her titties, using it to balance them.  She was shouting and grunting, she never felt this extreme pleasure before.  His other hand moved to her pussy and attacked her clit as he continued to hammer into her from behind.  She felt another orgasm build again.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!” she screamed as she experienced her most shattering orgasm.  It was so strong, she thought was going to faint.  As her pussy milked his cock, she heard him grunt and felt his sperm spurt inside her womb.  He continued to stroke her clit and plowed into her as his dick gradually softened inside her.

All her muscles felt like jelly as he pulled out and lay her on her back.  He stood up and put on his shorts back on and grabbed her dress and covered her with it.

He sneered as he asked, “So did you have fun?”

She looked away, feeling too humiliated to answer as she couldn’t believe what she allowed this stranger to do to her.  He laughed and without waiting for her answer, opened the door to the shed.  Before he went out, look back and said “See you around.”

As she got up, her feet wobbled as she felt unstable.  She put on her dress, grabbed her bikini and stashed it inside her bag without bothering to put it on.  She could feel his jizz ooze out and drip on to her thighs as she hurried back to her cabin.

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