Tonight’s alright for a Bathroom Quickie

An Erotic Story by Desideri Nascoti

Landing her first major account for the advertising company she worked for, Kirsten was out celebrating with her friends.  It has been a while since they had a Girls Night Out ever since they graduated from college a few months ago.  Wanting to take a break from the stuffy corporate atmosphere in their new jobs, they decided to go to one of their favorite clubs during college to dance, let loose and just enjoy the night. 

 “Girl, that hottie by the bar has been checking you out the whole night… I am jealous,” Ella, her friend, said to her.

Kirsten just smiled at her friend and continued dancing.  Without having to look at where Ella was pointing, Kirsten knew who she was talking about.  She noticed him right away when they arrived and she have been exchanging flirty looks with him the whole night.


Rob was with his friends knocking back a couple of beers, unwinding from a very stressful day.  But he barely kept up with the conversations as he could not take his eyes off on this gorgeous girl wearing a sexy beige top and a black micro mini that was showing off her long legs.  Her skin-tight top emphasized her huge tits as they bounced around when she danced.  She gave him a seductive smile as she and her friends sat in one of the booths.  He took it as an invitation and went over to them.  He said some cheesy pick up line and she and her friends laughed.  They asked him to join them.


 Kirsten and her friends thought he was smoking-hot but he was also very charming and funny.  Eventually, his friends joined them in their booth and they were all enjoying each other’s company.

Rob sat beside Kirsten and she could feel his body heat and smell his after-shave.  As the night progressed, she got more touchy-feely with him.  She was stroking his arms and her tits kept “accidentally” brushing his elbows. 

Rob sensed that Kirsten was really into him, so under the table, he dared to lightly stroke her thighs, letting his hand linger.  Kirstin gave him a teasing smile.  Feeling encouraged, he trailed his hand higher, moving to the inner side of her thighs.  She automatically parted her legs giving him access into her crotch.

Their friends, not noticing anything, just continued on with the easy conversation about mundane topics like their favorite bands and songs.  With her legs spread wide, he inched his hand towards her pussy.  Expecting to find panties to block his hand, he was pleasantly surprised to feel her bald pussy lips.  She was already moist and ready for him. 

Stroking up and down on her labia, his fingers spread open her pussy lips and he asked loudly, “So Kirsten, what’s you’re favorite band?”

“Well… I always liked, uh..” as Kirsten stammered, Rob plunged his middle finger inside her wet snatch, causing her to suck in her breath. 

The group looked and waited for her to answer.

“Which band was that?” he prompted her as he sawed his fat finger in and out of her dripping sex.

“Well, I like…” she began to say, but suddenly closed her eyes as Rob’s insistent fingers were making her forget what she was about to say.

“Kirsten?” he asked, looking at her with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Ella asked, looking at her quizzically.

Before she could answer, Rob plunged two fingers inside her pussy. Kirsten stiffened and tried to relax and said, “um… yeah… yeah… fine… I think… I think… I need to… to just…”

Rob was now shoving three fingers inside her.

“I need to… powder my nose,” Kirsten said and she quickly pulled out Rob’s hands between her legs and stood up.

Before she left, she grabbed Rob and said, “Why don’t you buy me a drink at the bar?”

He was right behind her, but before he could go to the bar, she pulled him towards the men’s comfort room and into one of the vacant stalls and locked the door.  She was already so hot and aroused as they started kissing and their hands were all over each other.  She unbuckled his pants and freed his hard, swollen cock.  He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his hips.  She was soaking wet and ready for him.  She felt the head of his dick, hard and insistent, pushing in her pussy.  In a single thrust, he impaled his cock inside her.  With one hand on her butt and the other gripping her thigh, he moved powerfully, ramming in and out of her. Again and again and again. 

Her back was pressed against the wall of the stall, she was bracing herself against his broad shoulders. Her fingers were digging into his back to balance herself and she rocked back to meet his pummeling.  Her legs splayed around his hips as he cupped her tits, kneading and massaging them. 

He pulled her leg higher and he shoved one leg up, bending her knee, going for a deeper penetration.  His cock was rubbing her g-spot as he plowed into her.  She was gasping in his mouth as he hungrily kissed her.  The band playing outside covered their grunts and moans. 

Rob increased the intensity of his pounding and the friction was driving her crazy.  The thrusts grew harder and faster as he was kissing and licking the hollow base of her throat.  Suddenly, Kirsten thrashed and jerked as she felt an exploding orgasm rock through her.  This brought Rob over the edge as he grunted and spurted his cum inside her.  He kept pummeling into her as his orgasm faded.


“Hey, where’s your drink?” Ella asked as Rob and Kirsten rejoined their friends at the booth.  Kirsten just looked at Rob and smiled.