Gay DVDs

There is a wide range of DVDs now made specifically for gay men. In the past, when more gay men were closeted, gay porn was a thing of a semi-legal underground of bootleg video tapes you might be able to find if you knew the right guy. These days, nearly anywhere that sells porn will have a decent selection of gay DVDs as well. There are even places, both in flesh-space and online, that are intended for gay men only (like, ahem, this site).

Some of the more popular types include DVDs that cater to differing tastes within the gay community, such as DVDs aimed at twinks, bears, daddies or those who are into them. There are almost as many kinds of Gay DVD as there are different kinds of gay men – and while some less popular gay scenes may not have been immortalised in porn as yet, no doubt they soon will be.

Twink DVDs
These DVDs star Twinks – cute young men who are slender, fit and usually lacking in facial or body hair. Gay DVDs featuring twinks do not specialise in any particular sex acts or styles of relationship, although if the Twinks are featured along with other actors, then the twink character or characters will often be portrayed as submissive to the other characters.

Bear DVDs
Bear men are generally older than Twinks – and they are without exception more heavyset and much hairier. Bear DVDs tend to feature more cuddling, affection and foreplay than most other kinds of Gay DVDs.

Gay Muscle DVDs
Muscle gays are those that are heavily into body-building and working out. They tend to feature very macho guys having very much very macho sex, often with each other, but also with other gay men (especially Twinks, for some reason).

Daddy DVDs
Daddy DVDs feature Daddy relationships, which inevitably means an older man and a younger man. There are no particular sexual acts common to this kind of DVD. Daddy DVDs overlap with most other categories – the Daddy character may be a bear, the younger man may be a twink, and either (or even both) might be a muscle gay – so some Daddy DVDs might also be classified as Twink DVDs, Bear DVDs or Gay Muscle DVDs.

Gay Fetish DVDs
There’s probably roughly the same proportion of people into BDSM play in the gay scene as there is in the straight one, and that means that there are specifically Gay DVDs made for this market. Fetish DVDs sometimes overlap with the other categories listed here, at least as far as casting goes.

Gay Titles available include:Gay Sex Titles Available at:
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