A One-Night Stand that Crosses New Boundaries

I woke up feeling hazy and a little confused. Where was I? I remembered alcohol, and  a casual get-together with some friends at a bar. It had been just a regular night out until a whiskey and water had appeared in front of me…As I pictured what had happened in my head, I saw a barkeeper pointing down the bar, and my head slowly turning until I saw her. She strutted over to me and I couldn’t believe my luck.

She was an incredible blonde, with full deep lips. Her hair—did I say blonde?—slightly longer than her shoulders. Her eyes were blue, and her face looked straight out of a magazine. The next thing I noticed was her tits—I couldn’t help it; they jutted straight out toward my face and were concealed by a spaghetti-strapped miracle in fire-red. Her deep cleavage was immediately apparent—and I swore I saw a flash of very hard nipple—as she sat down on the barstool next to me. As she did, her miniskirt rode up past mid-thigh and I appreciated her flat, tight stomach. Her legs were tight and long, and ended in four-inch heels.

“Like what you see, sailor?” she winked.

“Sorry for staring.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Girls get dressed up so that guys will notice them—it’s flattering.”

The other thing I couldn’t help noticing was the rock on her fourth finger.

“He’s out of town, he’s rich, and he doesn’t love me, let alone fuck me.”

I was surprised by her bluntness, and also surprised that anyone with male hormones could let a girl like this go a single night without at least one healthy bout of nail-dragging, grunting, deep, tit-mauling, sex.

“So, why me?”

“I can tell you’re a good guy, and perhaps a little lonely. And I really like the way you look at me—it’s sweet and it makes me hot at the same time.”

She was remarkably perceptive—my job often meant relationships were short, with unhappy endings. But I was not going to let this bout of incredible luck go.

The rest of the night was a blur. As I thought about it, I recalled a cab ride back to my apartment, groping her ass under her skirt as she straddled me. It took me a second to realize that I was just feeling her bare ass, and even her tight crack had not a hint of thong. That thought made me hard as a rock last night, and I felt the blood rushing to my groin as I thought about it the next morning. As gained more of my bearings I started to remember the rest of the night. She had been insatiable, and we’d done it at least five different ways—she rode me both facing me so I could see her bouncing tits and shaved—oh yeah, shaved—snatch, and she rode me the other way so I could watch her tight little jiggling ass. I pounded her doggy style, ate her out in a 69, and even did it long and slow missionary style. But the one thing I was sure of was that she would be gone. A married woman out for a wild night of fun would not be around to regret the consequences in the morning.

But small slurping noises proved me wrong. I fully opened my eyes, and she was there, she moved her mouth very close to my dick and I felt the tingle of her lips and then her tongue as she engulfed it sweetly . I heard a pop as my cock slipped out of her mouth, I was rock hard.

“Good morning Sailor! I thought you’d never wake up.”

“Last night was amazing.”

“We’re not done yet.” She slowly caressed her tongue over the very tip of my cock, and licked up the pre-cum that was now freely flowing from it. I groaned deep in my throat as she deep throated me. I grabbed her and brought her pussy to my face. I love shaved snatch! I went to work, licking and sucking her clit, and slowly fucking her with my tongue.

After a few moments I decided to get a little more adventurous and began licking across her whole pussy—then I kept going until I felt her tight, shaved, puckered anal ring. She moaned with my cock in her mouth as I stabbed into her tight ass with my tongue and massaged her ass cheeks. She responded by stroking me and licking my heavy balls for a minute. She sucked deeply on her finger and started rubbing my ass. I couldn’t believe it—this had never happened to me before.

She deep throated me and slowly guided her middle finger into my ass. I’d never felt anything like it; I could feel my cock swelling and my excitment growing. I went back to eating her pussy and jammed my finger up her ass—this new boundary I was crossing was rapidly becoming intense. I could feel so many things—her mouth and throat engulfing my cock, the tightness of the inside of her ass on my finger, her hair brushing my thighs, her juice on my face, and her finger in my ass.

I couldn’t take it any longer—I sucked deeply on her clit, she groaned gutturally and exploded onto my face in a shower of juice. Her finger thrust harder into my ass, and I couldn’t resist the pressure anymore. My cock let spurt after spurt of come shoot into her mouth and she swallowed every gulp, every single drop—well, almost. There was a little dribble of my come sliding down the side of her lip. I licked it and French-kissed her. We both moaned as I sucked on her tongue and tasted my come; she tasted her juices and licked all around my lips.

I badly wanted to fuck her now, and I had an almost primal urge to fuck her in the ass.

Amazingly, I was still hard. I pulled her on top of me and she went to town. I sucked on each of her tits as I stuck my cock in her wet pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks and feverishly felt again for her anus with my finger. When I found it, she jerked and moaned as I shoved my finger into her rectum. She pushed down on me, and she began to spew the most filthy, beautiful dirty talk I’ve ever heard.

“God damn, that fucking cock feels so good in my cunt. Don’t you dare stop fucking me, FUCK me, yes that’s it, harder, you bastard…”

She was getting even more aroused by the dirty talk, and I responded,  telling her how tight her cunt was, and then I whispered in her ear, ‘ I want to fuck you in the ass.’

I could tell by the momentary look on her face that this was probably new territory even for her, but she looked me directly in the eye, and said “You want to fuck that ass, baby? Why don’t you just go ahead and fuck my ass…”

I flipped her over and I moved the tip of my cock slowly around the ring of her ass, lubricating with pre-cum as it went around. I pushed slowly but firmly into her ass. It was so tight and it felt amazing. she moaned, as I pushed and my whole cock slide in for the first stroke. I stroked gently as her ass lubed and then I quickened. I was now banging my cock in her ass and slapping into her ass cheeks hard. Her dirty talk had degenerated into grunts and moans, as had mine. I slipped my finger around her waist to find  her clit.  Out excitment was growing  fast, and as she orgasmed the tightness of her ass on my cock was too much. I groaned deeply and let my load spurt deep into her ass.

We were finally both spent and both of us and the sheets were splattered with a mix of our come.

“Are you ready for a shower, Mrs. Johnson?”

“Sure I am, Mr. Johnson.”

In the shower I whispered to her, “That was the best one-night stand ever.”

She slipped her finger around and stuck it into my ass and whispered back “Who says your finished yet?