A Nice Poem – The Australian Ode to Prince Charming

Here is a poem to all the girls looking,

for a man with the credentials of the well known Prince.

There are some of us in training,

and boy do we try,

to treat a lady right, be dashing and debenere.

But often we fail in our pursuit.

Something to do with natural instinct I think.

There is probably one or two somewhere,

who are already there.

A perfect bastard who most males will despise.

If you can find him, you’d better keep him quiet.

Because other girls will want him,

so be aware.

But you can bet,

That in this great land of natural wonders,

like reefs, mountains, footy and the people’s pet.

When it comes to being Prince Charming,

that most aussie men don’t even care.

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